Want to break out from the shackles of monotonous work and enter a world where your ideas and thoughts would make a difference?
If so, you have found the right partner to fulfill your dreams.
Nabler is a Web Analytics company with focus on technology-driven initiatives to drive the right kind of traffic to websites, measure the traffic and optimize the website based on web traffic data. Read more about Web Analytics Career path.

Our Team

Nabler is headed by Seby Kallarakkal, an IIT Graduate who strongly believes in the power of the Internet to make businesses global and sustainable. We are a growing team of passionate Web Analysts, Engineers and Visualization experts who work together to realize the dreams and vision that Nabler stands for.

Our Vision

Our vision is to nurture an organization where ethics and values are held high, where the work culture is one that every employee would cherish, where promises are kept and relationships valued above everything.

Our Strengths

The Nabler team comprises of awesome individuals with their own set of ambitions, ideas, vision and eccentricities and we all support each other every day. That's one of our core strengths.

Our Work Culture

Nabler's work culture can be aptly described in a word – UNIQUE! At Nabler, employees themselves choose a set of work discipline that helps them be efficient. Independence and flexibility are stressed upon. Creativity and originality of thoughts are most respected.

The Nabler Values

We believe values define what an organization stands for and how it functions. So we have taken our own time to come up with these values which defines our culture and the way we work.

We believe our values will keep evolving as we are growing every year. Here are the 6 Nabler Values:

Honesty & Integrity

Accountable & Proactive

Learning, by doing

Open & Respectful

Customer Empathy

Joy at work

Learning At Nabler

Nabler acts as a constant platform for learning. We believe learning is a two way process; its not that only person taught learns from the process, the teacher learns a lesson or two as well. Gaining knowledge is the most important job responsibility of every employer and Nabler provides ample opportunities for it. 'Knowledge-Sharing': Employees at Nabler are always excited about new findings, whether they are specific topic related to their field of specialization, or a general market news or even a general socio-political news. We believe in sharing all such information and building a knowledge bank that any new entry can get access to.

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