What Does This Mean For You?

Google Analytics Premium offers a plethora of value-added features to the marketers, analysts, and business stakeholders.
Here are some of the key aspects of the Premium offering:

  • Augment Internal
    Segment Profiles
  • Enable real-time remarketing
    with marketing integration
  • Bring your data to life with
    custom dimensions & metrics
  • Leverage data-driven
    attribution modeling
  • Scale-up with analysis of
    massive datasets

Having Google Analytics Premium (GAP) as a core part of your Digital Analytics Infrastructure would allow you to integrate your click-stream data with various offline data-sources. This means, you can attach Customer IDs to visit data to augment internal customer profiles, and also upload customer characteristics, which can then be used in re-marketing.

Being an advertiser, you must be spending a significant % of your marketing budget towards Search and Display campaigns across websites and mobile devices. With GAP you get an opportunity to integrate your Google AdWords and DoubleClick Campaign Manager data with your click-stream data and send website audiences to DoubleClick Bid Manager for real-time bidding.

Use hundreds of custom dimensions and metrics to collect meaningful attributes about your users and your content such as: customer types, user profile data, demographics, key lifecycle behaviors, content types, feature usage, etc.

The Data-Driven Attribution capability of GAP analyzes all visitor paths to evaluate which touchpoints are meaningful. This data-driven model then uses advanced statistics and algorithms to increase accuracy and usability. You can even upload offline conversion data that is tied to online touchpoints for a complete attribution story.

Google BigQuery is a web service that lets you do interactive analysis of massive datasets – up to billions of rows. Session-level Google Analytics data is sent to Google BigQuery through a plug & play integration. You can enter SQL-like queries to export up to 3 million rows at a time.

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More Data
  • Minimum of 100x more pageviews, with available package levels in the tens of billions
  • Up to 200 Custom Dimensions and metrics & 3 million rows of downloadable unsampled reports data
  • Faster processing of Google Analytics data and faster support
  • 4-hour data processing times, guaranteed by Service Level Agreements
  • 24/5 support and a dedicated Nabler Analyst
  • Better quality data with wider breadth
Better Service
  • Unsampled reporting with 100% of your visits
  • Access to confidential and Premium-only features, including BigQuery integration and Data-Driven Attribution Modeling
  • Ownership agreements that give you control of your data

Why Nabler As A Preferred Implementation Partner?

  • Our solutions-focused implementation approach is built to tackle your key strategic problems, instead of just deploying a solution on the website and providing technical support on a monthly basis.
  • Once you partner with Nabler, we take on the role of your consultative partner throughout your Digital Maturity journey and help you take strategic and operational decisions across all phases.
  • We have a large team of certified and seasoned digital analytics professionals who are proficient in Solution Implementation, Reporting & Analysis, Testing & Optimization, User Personification, Data Visualization, and Building & Tracking Custom Applications for Desktop and Mobile.
  • We have a strong Data Sciences team that can perform a deep-dive analysis on your click-stream and offline data, and find interesting signals which can further be leveraged for delivering a personalized experience to your online consumers.
  • Our engineering team can assist your in-house IT Team in aggregating cross-channel data on Google Cloud, and build smart applications for your marketing team by leveraging the power of statistical packages like "R" and "Python", and combining that with the capabilities of "Tableau" as a visualization tool.

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