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Nabler Becomes Google Certified Publishing Partner

Yet another milestone achieved through our passion for excellence.
We are thrilled to inform our customers that Nabler is now recognized by Google as its "Certified Publishing Partner"

What makes a Certified Publishing Partner?

Google Certified Publishing Partner

Through this partnership program, Google certifies the most trustworthy companies who have expertise across Google’s various publishing solutions and help online publishers generate maximum value from their investments. Google Certified Publishing Partners are scrutinized extensively by Google for best practices in the online advertising and publishing fields and tested for proficiency with Google solutions.

Google selected us for this program based on our proven expertise in Google AdSense, DoubleClick AdExchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers. We know what it takes to excel in these technologies. In fact, Google has provided us with a badge, so that you can trust us as a Certified Publishing Partner. This badge has to be earned through a rigorous process that requires subject matter expertise and a flair for customer satisfaction.

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What do we have in store for you?

As one of Google’s Certified Publishing Partners, we are an extension of Google in the marketplace. With the help of this partnership, Nabler can help your business benefit more from Google’s publishing solutions and you can rest assured that you are working with the best experts in the field.

Our satisfaction comes with our clients’ smiles. We have helped publishers meet their goals in many ways. We’ll help you monetize your sites and work with you to optimize your earnings intelligently with the use of advanced analytics and optimization techniques. Our custom solutions help you connect data and insights with business decisions and optimize the earnings from each impression.

Every day we help publishers from different verticals set up their ads, manage and optimize those ads, and analyze the results. We handle the details so you are free to spend your quality time in doing what you do best: publishing great content on your site.

Leverage our expertise as a Google Certified Publishing Partner

We can help make online advertising work harder and smarter for you. We will assess your unique publishing requirements and help you with:

  • End-to-End Ad Management
  • Ad Revenue Optimization
  • Quality Review
  • Analytics
  • DFP Reselling

Google created the Certified Publishing Partner program to help its publishers grow and flourish. We’re proud to be one of the select few partners recognized by Google for our cross-product expertise.

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