Klipfolio Dashboard Development

Klipfolio is a ready-to-implement dashboard platform that makes data monitoring and analysis as easy as clicking a button. This simple and flexible solution ensures effective data integration and generation of insightful reports that enable decision-making on the move.

Why Klipfolio ?

Quick to implement:

Unlike the traditional dashboard solutions, Klipfolio is ready-to-use and cuts down the getting-started time drastically. We can analyze your current data environment, plug in all the data, configure settings, and start generating accurate reports within two to three weeks using Klipfolio.

Capture data from any source and any format:

Klipfolio has the capability to automatically retrieve data from thousands of data sources. The data can be uploaded the traditional way through Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, or TXT. You can use common APIs like RESTful, SOAP, OAuth, GET/POST, etc., or connect with specific data connectors like Facebook, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. Klipfolio enables adding data through emails, push.

Automatic data update:

You can achieve the dream of real-time decision making with automatic data retrieval and report updates. You may also set the frequency at which you want your data to be updated.

View dashboards on any device:

Being a cloud-based and responsive interface, Klipfolio offers you the flexibility to view your data from any device and any network. So, whether you want to show your data on a projector screen or view it on your mobile device – you will have the same level of clarity. Your field associates can also securely access the right reports and data on the move.

Secure solution:

You can trust the security features of Klipfolio. The solution is hosted on Rackspacewith features like user-based access, SSL authentication, session management, backups, access logs, and vulnerability testing.

Why Nabler ?

Nabler is a registered Klipfolio Partner and has deep knowledge of the dashboard platform.

Get the metrics you want:

Though multiple data formats can be integrated into the system, the next step of getting the exact reports that you want, requires configuration and customization. We customize Klipfolio to the hilt to offer you precise charts and graphs and nothing more. Each user can have a different set of KPIs and trackers. The dashboard also offers easy filter and drill-down capabilities. The users can effortlessly export the reports into printable PDF files.

Powerful visualizations:

Not only can we customize the look and feel to meet your branding standards, we also offer unique ways to represent your data so that you can get a clear picture of the business scenario in just one glance. Klipfolio dashboards have pre-defined thresholds, indicators, conditions and reactions for easy analysis and alerts.

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