Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization is a continuous process of optimizing the key landing pages on the website. This facilitates an engaging experience by keeping the bounce rate under control, improving the depth of visit, increasing time spent on the website, and bringing the visitors closer to the conversion path.

Before you initiate the optimization of your landing page(s), it is very important to understand the objective of the page and how well it synchronizes with the objective of the online visitors landing via different marketing channels. At Nabler, we perform landing page optimization exercise for both lead generation and ecommerce businesses. We assist our clients in clearly defining objectives, re-instating value proposition, restructuring the content and call-to-action on the pages, and running split and multivariate tests on the pages.

Nabler’s landing page optimization methodology
  • Discovery: We start the optimization process with a discovery session with the content manager, digital marketing manager, and ecommerce manager to discuss about the landing page objective, its value proposition for the cross-channel visitors, and its contribution to the conversion process.
  • Behavioral audit: After the initial discovery session is over, we conduct a behavioral audit of the online visitors. We study the quantitative data in the client's web analytics tool, and visitor interaction with individual page elements and call-to-action using the Heatmap tool. The idea here is to figure out the potential and importance of the landing page in the overall conversion process and identify opportunities for conducting split or multivariate test.
  • Testing: Once the importance and potential of the landing page is mutually discussed with the client’s team, we evaluate the chosen page for its ease of testing. We formulate an A/B and Multivariate Testing strategy for the problematic landing page(s) on the website and share the action plan with the client's business team for execution. Once both the parties are in sync with regards to the test goals, we collaborate with the client's in-house content and IT teams in setting up and scheduling the tests for execution.
  • Test reports and optimization: Lastly, we run the tests and share the test performance with the client's business team on a daily and weekly basis. We assist them in declaring the test winner based on the Lift Percentage, Conversion Rate, Confidence Level, and Confidence Interval of the best performing content relative to the control. The overall test execution can take anywhere between two to three weeks depending on the test sample size.
Why to consider Nabler for Landing Page Optimization?
  • We have done hundreds of landing page optimization audits for businesses across different industry verticals.
  • We have a team of certified digital analytics and optimization professionals who are proficient in various web analytics, testing & optimization and heatmap tools.
  • We have a standardized process to conduct a landing page optimization audit, which is capable of improvising your engagement metrics and facilitating an engaging experience to your online visitors.
  • We maintain transparency throughout the optimization process, and follow a collaborative model for doing the audit.
  • We strive for actionable recommendations out of our audit process, and assist you in executing those recommendations in a priority order by giving higher weightage to low hanging fruits.

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