Mobile Analytics

As the share of mobile visitors is growing year over year, we are seeing a surge in the demand for Mobile Analytics services. The online businesses are showing a great amount of interest in understanding the engagement and conversion behavior of mobile visitors in order to target them with relevant content across devices.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients:

  • How to grow lead conversion rate from the mobile channel?
  • How to grow app revenue?
  • How to gauge the behavior of the mobile visitors and create appropriate targeting strategy?
  • How to improve the usage of mobile apps?
  • How to test different creative variations in the apps?
  • How to improve the lifetime value of the mobile app visitors?
  • What kind of measurement framework needs to be defined for the mobile platform?
  • What kind of Mobile Analytics tools we should invest in?
  • How to measure the impact of mobile specific campaigns?

In order to answer the above questions, we have put together an actionable Mobile Analytics Framework which encompasses tagging of mobile based websites and mobile applications; A/B testing of the in-app messaging, push messaging text, and call-to-actions; and lastly, putting together a weekly and monthly performance dashboard or scorecard for mobile channel visitors.

Our digital analytics team is proficient in mobile analytics solutions like; Flurry, Kontagent and Localytics. We have also run A/B tests for some of our clients using solutions like, Apptimize, LeanPlum, Kissmetrics, and Optimizely.

Our Mobile Analytics Approach

Key benefits of Mobile Analytics

  • Allows you to gauge the engagement and conversion behavior of mobile channel visitors
  • Creates opportunity for responsive design
  • Enables you to conduct channel-based targeting and drive better ROI from the mobile channel
  • Allows you to gauge the performance of paid mobile campaigns
  • Identifies prospects for incremental media spend
Why Nabler?

  • Digital Analytics is our forte: We have been operating in the digital analytics domain for more than a decade now, and work with various Fortune 500 companies across the world. We have extensive experience of working with both lead generation and ecommerce businesses across different industry verticals such as: Finance, Automobile, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Agency, Publishing, Education, etc.
  • Seasoned digital analytics professionals: We have a large team of seasoned digital analytics professionals with a wonderful mix of strategic and tactical skills. Our team comprises of not only product specialists but, also trained professionals who have strong analytical, and optimization skills.
  • Strong implementation and testing skills: We have a solid team of certified implementation professionals, who are proficient in most of the major web analytics, mobile analytics, and testing solutions. Our team is capable of doing implementation using most of the leading Tag Management Solutions in the industry.

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