Mobile App Testing

At Nabler, we engage with various Fortune 500 companies who have a dedicated mobile app for their online visitors. As the mobile usage is surging across the globe, app user behavior continues to be unpredictable by traditional guesswork. This trend has led marketers to look for what's working and what isn't in terms of app optimization and marketing efforts, as quickly as possible. In the web space, marketers can accelerate the discovery process by A/B testing but in the mobile world app testing has always posed a larger challenge. At Nabler we have defined a 5-step process to execute the A/B testing in a mobile app.

Nabler’s Mobile App A/B Testing Process
  • Define Success: When it comes to A/B testing, defining success involves knowing the answer to the ultimate purpose of your app and turning it into more specific or quantifiable success metrics. These success metrics pertain to the specific numbers you expect to be enhanced by your tests. This is the fundamental and the most important phase of A/B testing process.
  • Recognize Leaks: In this phase, we evaluate the app analytics data and identify the biggest leaky stages in the funnel. These are the places where the online visitors drop off or the areas where you lose the best opportunity to move visitors through the series of actions you want.
  • Formulate Hypothesis: In this phase, we use the qualitative and quantitative data of the online visitors and gauge their intent in order to create test hypothesis.
  • Prioritize: We may test everything, but keep in mind that no team works without limitations. We need to respect the client's limitations in terms of budget, time, attention and the traffic that the app gets. The biggest challenge we often face in this phase is convincing various decision makers in the client's organization in case of overtly complex tests. Hence, we prioritize the tests by the expected ROI out of every A/B test.
  • Test: This phase is all about running the experiment. We show the randomly chosen variations to the app users and measure how they behave in relation to users seeing the existing app. Once one of the variations gets significantly different results from other variations, we declare our winner based on Conversion Rate, Lift Percentage, Confidence Level, and Confidence Interval. There are three very common tests we run for most of our clients:
  • In-app messaging test
  • Push messaging Test
  • In-app content test (call-to-action)

Why to consider Nabler for Mobile App testing?
  • We have executed a large number of A/B tests for both native iOS and Android apps.
  • We have a team of certified digital analytics and optimization professionals who are proficient in tools like Apptimize, Arise, Leanplum, Kissmetrics, Optimizely, etc.
  • We have a standardized process to conduct different types of A/B tests for different operating platforms.
  • We maintain transparency throughout the audit process and follow a collaborative model for doing the audit.
  • We strive for interesting results and best practices coming out of each A/B test.

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