Multivariate Testing Services

"One accurate measurement is worth more than a thousand expert opinions."

- Admiral Grace Hopper

The web offers a powerful platform to easily test your ideas and learn what works with the visitors and gets them to take the desired next step, and what discourages them from taking action. Changing just one element can show an increase or decrease in the performance of a page; how will you measure the impact of multiple changes and test various options of your webpages?

Multi-variable or multivariate testing allows you to test many changes simultaneously - five, ten, or even twenty. You'll still get accurate results, without having to increase your total sample size, and you will be able to identify the impact of each individual change that you have made to optimize your page.

Get the freedom to experiment with Nabler's multivariate testing services and improve your ROI

We have the right expertise to conduct multivariate tests and help you optimize your pages to get maximum results. The team of specialists at Nabler is well-versed with this technique and uses the latest tools like Google Site Optimizer and Omniture Test & Target to conduct accurate tests.

There are many advantages of multivariate testing. It is less time consuming than A/B tests. Many variations can be tested at the same time, thereby enhancing effectiveness and accelerating the learning process. For instance, if three changes need to be tested, it would take three weeks for A/B testing to be done. But in the case of multivariate testing, all the changes can be tested at once. With multivariate testing, you can have different versions of the headlines, content placement, ad placement, form fields, buttons, images, and so on.

With Nabler's multivariate testing solutions you can:
  • Optimize your web pages and enhance performance
  • Minimize testing time
  • Implement new designs and ideas
  • Increase conversion rates and page effectiveness

Our multivariate testing process:

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