Universal Analytics Services

Nabler offers you easy setup and upgrade solution for Universal Analytics. We will first run Universal Analytics parallel to your current Google Analytics implementation to get the baseline of data under both situations. If you do not have Google Analytics implemented currently, we will directly setup Universal Analytics on your website. We will do complete testing and customizations to ensure that Universal Analytics provides insights that will help your business grow and achieve its goals.

Universal Analytics

Google recently launched Universal Analytics, designed to help track users across multiple devices while giving a better picture of user behavior as an individual and as not a series of disparate sessions. Universal Analytics brings in the capability to capture and report multi-channel user data, making tracking and analysis easier and more accurate.

Our Universal Analytics services include:

  • Master and filtered profile creation
  • User management
  • AdWords linking
  • AdSense linking
  • Session and campaign timeout settings
  • Organic search sources
  • Referral and search exclusion
  • Goals setting

Key benefits of implementing Universal Analytics

  • Track users across channels
  • Collect data from any online device
  • Integrate offline records
  • Ensure session and campaign timeout handling
  • Provide control on organic search attribution
  • Enable referral exclusion
  • Exclude specific search terms
  • Create custom dimensions and metrics
  • Track mobile apps

Why Nabler for Universal Analytics implementation and upgrade services?

  • Universal Analytics experience: We have done a number of Universal Analytics upgrade and setup projects since July 2013 for both ecommerce and lead generation businesses.
  • Prowess in Google Analytics: We have been offering support and consulting services on Classic Google Analytics for over seven years and understand every pulse and beat of the tool.
  • Sharp analytical minds: We have a team of 45+ certified GAIQ professionals. Their analytical brains have solved thousands of challenges for our clients.
  • A team to be proud of: Our team has advanced implementation skills and is proficient in third party data integrations and external data uploads.

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