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Discover precision marketing with Adobe Analytics

Being a veteran digital analytics company that has solid experience of working with industry-leading tools and technologies for over 12 years, our clients often ask us which digital analytics tool they should trust? While we study their requirements extensively before suggesting a solution, there are certain tools that are suitable for serious digital marketers who need real-time insights for continuous enhancement of their digital footprint. One such tool is Adobe Analytics. It is an industry-leading solution that delivers the analytics and reporting capabilities needed to enable data-driven decision-making. Let’s dwell deeper and explore some of the best features and benefits that Adobe Analytics has on offer.

A complete marketing intelligence solution

Adobe Analytics is a set of tools for predictive and real-time analytics that can be integrated into third-party sources. It includes the Marketing Reports and Analytics (formerly SiteCatalyst), Ad hoc analysis (formerly Adobe Discover) and Data Workbench (formerly Insight) applications to help create a holistic view of business activities by transforming customer interactions into insights.

Adobe Analytics enables marketers and analysts to tell the story of what’s happening in their business by leveraging high-performance, real-time analytics across marketing channels. Marketers can take advantage of the information that flows through Adobe Analytics to continuously improve the performance of digital marketing experiences.

Who uses Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics enables marketing organizations to progress along the analytics maturity curve, giving marketers and analysts the ability to leverage insights to drive digital marketing. Adobe Analytics is ideal for companies who want to:

  • Align digital marketing initiatives with key business objectives
  • Gain real-time insights into customer behavior across marketing channels
  • Find hidden patterns and behaviors in large amounts of data
  • Optimize ad spend to determine the best allocation of advertising budgets
  • Leverage insights to deliver relevant online consumer experiences that drive conversion

Adobe Analytics for effective digital marketing

The solution provides insights critical for optimizing digital marketing efforts, such as personalizing experiences, driving better ad spend, and monetizing content and campaigns. Each measurable action that a customer or prospect takes while interacting with your brand represents an opportunity to optimize marketing and customer engagement strategies further. Adobe Analytics has innumerable features that enable actionable insights for digital marketing. Here are some capabilities that are most favored by digital marketers:

  • Interactive dashboards: Gain critical customer insight with dashboards showing detailed information on purchasing metrics, customer loyalty, campaigns, visitor profiles, and more.
  • Long-tail analytics: Work with no limits on the number of unique values or rows of data that you want to analyze or report on.
  • Out-of-the-box reporting: Take advantage of a comprehensive set of ready-to-use reports that deliver critical insights for improving online success.
  • Real-time insights: See how visitors are interacting with your brand right now to allow for faster reactions and personalization.
  • Ad hoc analysis: Break the limits of predefined reporting, and explore your ideas instantly with unlimited metric, dimension, and segment combinations.
  • Unlimited real-time segmentation: Build concise customer segments using unlimited metric and dimension combinations and breakdowns that can be compared to identify new segments, insights, and key performance indicators to increase the value of your digital visitors.
  • Advanced reporting: Gain critical customer insight with conversion reports showing detailed information on purchasing metrics, customer loyalty, campaigns, visitor profiles, and more.
  • Multi-report workspace analysis: Easily manage multidimensional analysis of multiple reports in a single workspace.
  • Microsoft Excel integration: Explore online data in ways that are the most relevant to business needs. Collect, automatically process and perform custom analyses and visualizations in Excel.
  • Mobile analytics: Accurately identify mobile visitors and their device capabilities.
  • Video analytics: Reveal the impact and effectiveness of video campaigns with detailed stream tracking.
  • Social analytics: Track and measure owned social media to understand the impact and effectiveness of social campaigns.
  • Visitor enrichment: Integrate your data and start seeing a high-resolution view of your customers.
  • Dynamic tag management: Deploy Adobe and third-party tags in minutes, instead of months. Reclaim 95% of your time spent managing analytics and media tags.
  • A vast ecosystem of prebuilt integrations: Take the pain out of data integration. Drag-and-drop connections enable you to immediately integrate top third-party application providers, such as for email, ad serving, and search.
  • Enhanced reporting and visibility: View aggregated reports and analytics from Adobe and partner online marketing applications in a single dashboard view.
  • Optimized campaign performance: Increase ROI by measuring conversion performance from Adobe and third-party applications and focusing marketing investment on the highest performing channels and campaigns.

Why do top analysts love Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics is an advanced solution that meets the need of end-users with simplicity while at the same time offering great drill-down and custom analytics capabilities demanded by serious analysts. Here are some unique features of the tools that garner the respect of industry experts:

  • Precision marketing for everyone: Deepen customer understanding with real-time digital analytics and reporting that can be shared across the business.
  • Unparalleled custom reporting: Measure any event on your digital properties. Take advantage of the power and flexibility of Excel formatting tools to create custom reports designed for your specific needs.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Quickly identify the most profitable paths through digital assets, determine where visitors are navigating away, and identify critical success metrics for marketing campaigns.
  • Analysis Workspace: The ability to manipulate any out-of-the-box report to suit your needs.
  • Report Builder: The ability to pull data from your report suites and send them to an Excel file.
  • Custom Variables: The ability to send string/numerical data that fits your needs. Allows for more custom tracking.

To conclude

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, there’s one more: Adobe Analytics is a part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, which is a collection of integrated online marketing and analytics solutions offered by Adobe. The marketing cloud includes a lot of useful applications including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe Primetime, Adobe Social, and Adobe Target. Users can select the tools they want and build a digital marketing cloud that can help them to analyze, personalize and optimize marketing campaigns and digital experiences to generate better results each time.

(Source: Adobe)

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