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Redesigning SiteCatalyst implementation for enhanced tracking, testing, and analytics.

The Need

The client is an eminent car repair and servicing brand in the United States. The client had implemented Adobe SiteCatalyst but was struggling with the quality and relevancy of data generated through it. With the current implementation not bringing actionable results, it wanted to see an improvement in several important areas like: Administration of SiteCatalyst, Report Suite Architecture, Internal Site Search, Data Quality, Global Metrics, Page Names, Site Sections, Products and Search Keywords, etc.

The client wanted to fix all these issues and get transparency around visitor navigation behavior. This would help in optimizing the engagement levels by making it easier to run A/B and Multivariate Tests on the website.

The client entrusted Nabler with the task of redesigning the entire Adobe SiteCatalyst implementation. Nabler has vast experience in troubleshooting issues with analytics tool implementations and customizing the tools to generate accurate and relevant results. Adobe SiteCatalyst is one of Nabler’s areas of expertise.

About Client

Nabler helped a US-based car repairing and servicing brand optimize its investment on Adobe SiteCatalyst with a well-investigated re-implementation strategy and user training through our unique Digital Analytics Evangelization Program. This helped all the client’s teams get better and more relevant results and insights from SiteCatalyst, thereby increasing the tool usage and website effectiveness.

The Solution

Nabler’s SiteCatalyst experts started with dividing the complete implementation process into multiple phases for better results and greater clarity.

Redesigning SiteCatalyst


We began with a Discovery session with the client, followed by a KPI workshop, to get a better insight in to the key business requirements, KPIs, and most importantly, the ongoing data challenges.

Website audit:

Post Discovery, we performed a thorough audit of the client’s website architecture including, site taxonomy, information architecture and key call-to-actions. We also validated the JavaScript Tags and their corresponding Out of the Box and Custom Reports.

GAP analysis:

Based on the client’s current implementation, our audit findings, and the expectations shared with us during the Discovery process, we prepared a detailed GAP Analysis document along with actionable technical specifications and variable mapping.

Solution design and implementation:

We used the Solution Design Document to create the Technical Specification sheet. The team used this to implement the SiteCatalyst codes on BrightTag. We wrote complex data binding expressions, which ensured that the correct SiteCatalyst variables were captured for every action performed on the site.

Tag deployment:

After the client approved the design documents, we performed Tag deployment using the client’s in-house CMS system. We did a thorough validation of the Tags and Reports in all three environments and delivered an actionable reporting platform to the client.

Additional setups:

We also helped the client in setting-up new reporting suites, segments, managing eVars, props and events, updating SAINT classification, and creating reports using report builders.

The Benefits

Enhanced tracking:

  • Absolute transparency on visitor engagement across different pages and sections of the website
  • A better page naming convention to track all the Pages, Sections and Page Types of the website
  • Internal site search implementation to understand what the customers were searching and how they navigated after the search

Optimized testing:

  • The client was able to improvise the pages using Optimizely Testing Solution
  • Reduced Bounce Rate and Exit Rate on all key pages and sections of the website
  • Significant improvement in the overall conversion rate and revenue

Useful customizations and better analytics

  • Success Events and Product Variable were also configured in the SiteCatalyst redesign
  • Many of the business questions were answered with Out of the Box Reports
  • The client got insights-rich data in the segmented report suite with the new report suite architecture
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