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ELICIT internal site search tracking with SiteCatalyst.

The Need

The merchandising team had a curiosity to determine the effectiveness of this feature and its impact on the Search Abandonment Rate and the overall Revenue and Conversion Rate of the website.

The client wanted to track the popular search keywords within the website and also the user navigation after getting the results. The client collaborated with Nabler to create a Solutions Design Document, which would define the variables and events used in SiteCatalyst, which the ELICIT developers would refer to while implementing the Site Search.

About Client

“The client is a US Based Fortune 500 company providing business process and document management solutions. Nabler helped the client to create a Solutions Design Document to determine the effectiveness of guided navigation using the ELICIT platform on their website.

The Solution

  • Nabler performed an audit on the website and played with the features extensively to identify different action points the visitor would take while engaging with the features.
  • Based on this audit, Nabler put together a detailed Technical Specifications Document along with Variable Mapping.
  • Nabler configured the report suite in all three environments and deployed the code using Adobe Tag Manager.
  • Before we validated the new reports and metrics in the SiteCatalyst interface, we performed an automated Tag Validation using our crawler application.
  • Once the Tags and Reports were validated, Nabler deployed the code on Production and performed another round of validation.
  • A complete Solution Design Document was created, which was then sent to the ELICIT development team.
  • After the implementation, Nabler did a detailed QA process to ensure all the variables were being captured in the assigned variables.

The Benefits

Once the Internal Search was implemented, client was able to track:

  • The Keywords searched on the site
  • Number of times a term was searched
  • Keywords which had “zero” results
  • Percentage of site visitors using Guided Navigation after keyword search
  • Percentage of these visitors who eventually landed on the Product Page
  • Most popular refinement filters, and in what sequence were they applied
  • Percentage of transactions which were influenced by guided navigation and their impact on Search Exit Rate
  • The link/result the visitor clicked in the search result dropdown
  • Basic searches and ELICIT searches
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