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Why Upgrade Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch?

Adobe DTM to Adobe launch
Why Upgrade Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch?
Timeline for Adobe DTM
Adobe DTM will no longer allow the creation of new properties (does not affect existing properties)

July 9th, 2019
Adobe DTM properties will enter read-only mode which means users cannot create or edit tools, rules, or data elements. New publish functionality will not be available.

October 14th, 2020
Adobe DTM is dark. Servers will be decommissioned, and communities will be removed.

April 13th, 2021
Process to Follow
Adobe process
  • Involve marketing and data analyst team for smooth flow
  • Time taking process so plan accordingly
  • Store documents to define the current state of tag management
  • Document both current state and desired final state
Improve the Data Layer:
  • Revise the type of data getting collected
  • Improve the process of data collection
  • Use automatic migration – Lift & Shift
  • Setup functions and rules
  • Integrate required extensions
  • Check the data layers in detail
  • Check the analytics of the data
  • Check from both user and analyst end
  • Check the conversions
Benefits of Upgrading to Adobe Launch

Increased Page Performance
  • Load Launch Asyncronously to improve page performance
  • Launch library is 60% lighter
Powerful Extensions & Integrations
  • Faster deployment
  • Constant innovation with external integrations
HTML Injection Improvement
  • No more pesky iframes
  • Easy HTML injection via Javascript
Rules to Rule Everything
  • Action sequencing to set variables
  • Add multiple triggers
  • UI improvements
Publication Flow
  • Flexibility to publish codes in development, staging, and production environment
  • Unlimited development environments
How Nabler Will Help You

  • Optimizing the existing implementation by cleaning up and removing redundancies

  • Running scnas pertaining to Launch migration to identify potential hurdles

  • Creating a migration plan unique to your needs and setup

  • Executing migration through your desired approach

  • Configuring extensions as per best practices

  • Running a quality assessment and executing post migration
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Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch

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