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Marketers need more than data and appealing visualizations to make informed decisions.

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They need to tap marketing channels and customer touch points for better insights.

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Identify a high value audience for personalized content.

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Identify behavioral patterns and visitor segments to map a user’s online and offline touch points for accurate customer profiling.

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Initiate cross channel attribution to see sales leads and business growth indicators attributed to specific markets and channels.

  • Adobe analytics allows marketers and analysts like you to drive customer-focused marketing decisions with quick data processing, informative visualizations, cross-channel capabilities, versatile reporting, predictive intelligence, and much more.
  • We leverage the tool to help you convert high-quality sales leads with newly discovered insights from marketing campaigns across all touchpoints.
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Adobe DTM Consulting Services

adobe analytics consulting

We strategize

We assist you in

  • Identify your business goals
  • Formulate a measurement and reporting strategy
  • Identify what role Adobe Analytics plays in your overall strategy
  • Customize implementation, re-implementation, migration to Adobe analytics, validation or on-going maintenance in the best possible way
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Adobe Integrate

We Measure and Integrate

  • Our flexible methods integrate your Adobe Analytics First Party Data with DMPs (Audience Manager) and Targeting Solutions (Adobe Target) for smart targeting.
  • We maintain integration and collection from a wide variety of data connectors from third-party platforms.
  • We bring vast amounts of data from multiple channels to give you a unified view of a customers’ entire journey from both online and offline marketing channels into a single interface.

We explore and organize

We use our limitless filtering and segmentation capabilities to identify potential customers with customer propensity modelling, audience clustering, and other ad-hoc analysis across all marketing touchpoints.

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Adobe Report

We report and analyze

We give you interactive dashboards, performance analysis reports from “Current Data” for near real-time reporting that enables instant campaign effectiveness, content consumption, and performance.

We predict and model

We perform predictive analytics on your data to develop the insights needed to make drive data-based decisions. Our powerful attribution includes many rule-based and algorithmic approaches to create an analysis of customer behaviour. This provides a best-fit model per channel based on customers’ actual interaction patterns.

Adobe Predict

Your takeaway

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Stitch online and offline traffic together to track and understand online visitor behavior across multiple channels for focused efforts.

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View real-time, actionable events to initiate data driven responses.

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Identify the reasons behind business anomalies.

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Assess visitors based on a specific variables for the correct targeting.

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Categorize individuals or groups into actionable personas based on preferences, geo-demographics, and behavioral patterns.

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Analyze customer touchpoints for improved cross-selling opportunities.

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Assign conversion credits across all touchpoints to measure your marketing efforts.

As long time Adobe partners

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We leverage our deep expertise in Adobe Analytics and use the entire Adobe stack to maximize the value we deliver for your project.

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We deploy medium to large-scale, end-to-end implementations for several Fortune 500 clients and have been operating in the digital domain for more than a decade.

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We apply industry best practices to support your digital transformation initiatives.

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We offer global operations support to regional businesses.

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We have cross-industry domain experience in finance, automobile, insurance, retail, telecom, agency, publishing, and education.

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We give you timely updates on product releases, inside scoops on new features, participation in the customer advisory board and access to the engineering team.

Client testimonials

At Western Governors University, we needed to quickly update our analytics implementation to support additional growth in our student base. Nabler provided effective and efficient support in updating our previous analytics documentation and implementation to provide a new solution that met all of our business goals. Nabler was extremely responsive and flexible to our needs, and they felt like an extension of the internal team.~ Eric Hansen, Sr. Product Manager, Web & Digital Analytics, Western Governors University

Our work

A large US sporting events company revamped their customer experience with our re-implementation of Adobe SiteCatalyst. Read the case study

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