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Business Intelligence and Reporting

business intelligence

Campaign Performance Reporting

We help measure the success of campaigns by providing analysis, design, and communication tools to optimize the marketing cycle. We assimiliate campaign data from campaign management tools, multiple servers and DSPs for world class agencies to position their time, energy and budget for more profitle pursuits

Data Products

We help build data products with customized logos subscription models where users can be added or deleted and templatized dashboards for effective campaign performance reporting.

data products
support and services

Support & Services

Reporting and Analysis- we offer improved targeting and ROI through audience, inventory and performance analysis.

Campaigns Support-Which involves trafficking, serving, monitoring, quality assurance and ensuring high quality with efficient delivery.

Platform Support-which provides support and expertise on multiple leading platforms available in the market.

Data Science and Engineering

data science and engineering
attribution modelling
Attribution Modelling

We provide custom modelling that is tailored to suit the marketing strategy of your agency with significant analysis points such as navigation paths, comparisions and removal effects.

user segmentation
User Segmentation with Predictive Analysis

We help you predict visitor’s probabilities to convert based on their historical acquisition and engagement data provided by google analytics. Followed by categorizing visitors to target the required group using key influencers derived from the built model.

campaign measurement
Campaign Measurement

We facilitate effective campaign measurement with an estimate of incremental ROAS, sales lift and the impact of online campaigns on offline sales. The methodologies we use are calculation of online sales lift by sampling log level data and Geo Suppression by using Time Series Model. We have completed over 100 campaign analysis with unbiased results by using appropriate Test and Control groups.

powerpoint presentation
PowerPoint Automation

We have introduced an exclusive solution to automate presentation slides, that analyzes data using R Programming and Python for effective data presentations and report automation.

market mix modelling
Market Mix Modelling

We use advanced measurement techniques and statistical analysis to deconstruct and quantify the performance of every aspect of your marketing effort. We delve deeper at a granular level by customizing each model to address your specific business and marketing concerns.

Partnership Program

As analytics specialists, we also offer partnership programs to help you establish your business objectives.
We offer:

resell data
A resell of our Data

Being a technology and service provider, you can sell licenses of our products while we take care of deployment, implementation, and other business services.

pitching of our consulting services to clients
Pitching of our Consulting Services to Clients

Our consulting partners help digitally driven enterprises and agencies find the right solution to fit their Digital Analytics needs. So if you have deep industry expertise, and / or broad data governance and reporting backgrounds, we would like to meet you.

integration of your products
Integration of your Product with ours

If you have a specific home-grown product that works well with one of ours and if you would like to embed some of our proven Digital Analytics capabilities into your application, then we can make that happen for you.

Explore multiple possiblities with us. Let's start talking.