Whitepaper Alert- Increase Website Conversions by 30% Using Multi-segment and Session Analysis

Most visitors on your website will leave just after 15 seconds. 8-15 seconds is all you get to make a lasting impression. What are you going to show a visitor so that they stick around for 15 seconds or more? 74% of people are likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult. Not only are you missing out on short-term sales with a [...]

Ideas for Customer Retention During Uncertain Times

Companies around the globe are making efforts to sustain through this period of downturn. But how to do that in the present market conditions? E-commerce companies and virtual enterprises are seeing traction like never. The global pandemic COVID-19 is forcing other companies to consider digital transformation. There is a heightened effort by companies to run [...]

Twitter Data- Here are some ways to dig deeper and analyze

In July this year, Twitter released its version of Analytics – for tweets. What was previously available only for advertisers and publishers to determine the performance of their tweets is now available to all Twitter users. The only limitations are that the Twitter account: Must be at least 14 days old Is not restricted, suspended, [...]

Power BI tutorial- Data refresh and scheduling (Part 3)

If you've landed on this article from a Google search, we hope you've already read Part 1 and Part 2 of this Power BI tutorial series.   Nabler is a digital analytics consulting company providing data infrastructure, Business Intelligence, Conversion rate optimization and data science services. You can trust us for your Power BI implementation/migration. Talk to [...]

Here is everything you need to know about Micro Conversions

Micro Conversions are small yet significant actions that customers take on your website that have the potential to convert into sales. The internet is impregnated with information about this subject. There are articles that speak about how to track these conversions, others on how to identify the right Micro Conversion goals and there are some [...]

Enhanced Ecommerce: What Are You Missing Out?

Alice owns a website that sells hand-crafted jewelry. She knows that tracking macro conversions is the most important part of any analytics plan. For her, a sale is the ultimate conversion she is interested in. Keeping this in mind, she has installed Google Analytics and has enabled ecommerce tracking as well. Alice is always looking [...]

How to use Google Analytics benchmarking

In September 2014, Google Analytics announced the return of Benchmarking. If you are familiar with Google Analytics, you must be really thrilled to use the feature once again. This feature, discontinued in 2011, allowed marketers to analyze their website against the market data, and gain valuable insights. The question is: is it easy to implement [...]

Are your holiday shoppers leaking out from your conversion funnel?

Hurray — the holidays are here! At the beginning of the year you successfully completed the transition to the new site architecture. You have fine-tuned your advertising strategy to recruit qualified traffic to the site. The engagement metrics are in line with your expectations. Now, the million dollar question, what about your site's conversion rate? [...]

Are you targeting your mobile and tablet visitors with relevant holiday offers?

An era of Mobile and Tablet devices Connectivity and mobility of consumers has created a new trend of reaching out to the new age global market by the marketers. With the likes of Apple, Amazon, Samsung and eventually Google foraying into devices that fall within the 7" to 9" screen sizes, so called as slates, [...]

Using universal analytics to connect the physical world with the digital

Websites have progressed miles ahead from being static and boring to being dynamic and responsive. In fact, the World Wide Web has become so widely connected, that the challenges of business owners of all scales have shifted from "how to track visitors" to "how to track the visitors who use multiple devices". Marketers try to [...]

Are you targeting your key audience segments with relevant content on the home page?

For majority of businesses, approx. 85-90% of the traffic enters the website from the Home Page. Out of which, a staggering 70-75+% is driven by Search Engine Marketing initiatives. Considering the importance of Home Page in driving such a significant % of traffic volume, it's very important for the content and merchandising teams to serve [...]

Are you keeping an eye on your CPC Landing Page Bounce Rate and Cost Per Acquisition?

Levers for Maximizing ROI All marketers routinely review reports that track various metrics including Bounce Rate and Cost per Acquisition. While bounce rate measures the effectiveness of campaigns in recruiting visitors to a site, Cost per Acquisition (CPA) measures the effectiveness of a website in successfully leading them to the site's goal. The reason why [...]

Are you ready with your Black Friday product recommendations?

Necessity for Product Recommendations The holiday season is always one of the busiest times of the year for online retailers. In 2012, the Black Friday weekend hit a record $59.1 billion, up from $52.4 billion last year in United States. For the first time in history, online retail e-commerce spending on November 23rd, Black Friday [...]

Are you capitalizing on your customer reviews?

Rationale behind measuring your customer satisfaction In the customer centric world, it is important and imperative for organizations to be proactive about the preferences of their customers and take effort to listen to their feedbacks. Such effort would help the brand understand the customer's future needs, and cater to it in a cost effective way [...]

Run these simple landing pages tests before the holiday season kicks-off

What is Testing all about? It's a scientific way to overcome pre-conceived notions and judgments made by usually the HIPPO's. Do we risk taking a decision and lose it all? - That's the first thing that would come in a marketers mind, rather than thinking - this change in the site will raise the engagement [...]

Measure your blog’s success – Key Performance Indicators

If you've been on the Internet it is rare you have not come across or at least heard of the blog. Blogistan, the blogging ecosystem is exploding with thousands of new additions every day. Blogs created, consumed and driven by community power is being transformed into a powerful tool to disseminate news among enthusiasts. The [...]

Power BI Tutorial- Auto refresh and scheduling- Part 1

If you’ve landed on this article from a Google search, we hope you also read Part 2 and Part 3 of this Power BI tutorial series to get a full understanding of Power BI's auto refresh and scheduling functionality.   Nabler is a digital analytics consulting company providing data infrastructure, Business Intelligence, Conversion rate optimization and data [...]

Power BI Tutorial- How to do Data refresh and scheduling (Part 2)

If you’ve landed on this article from a Google search, we hope you’ve already read Part 1 and will give a read to Part 3 of this Power BI tutorial series too.   Nabler is a digital analytics consulting company providing data infrastructure, Business Intelligence, Conversion rate optimization and data science services. You can trust us [...]

How data segmentation can help increase the effectiveness of your promotions

Introduction Nabler is a pure play digital analytics consulting company providing Data infrastructure, BI consulting, Conversion rate optimization and, data science consulting. Talk to our consultants about how we can enrich your data for better results!     A large dataset with multiple dimensions and metrics stretched across millions of rows can look tiresome to [...]

Klipfolio vs Tableau- Which data visualization tool is right for you?

Data visualization has been gaining importance in the current business scenario. Every organization wants to use more data in a meaningful way to get deeper insights. An expressive visualization can make decision-making easier and timely. Visualization can also go a step further by enabling interactivity or drilling-down facility – moving beyond the typical static visuals [...]

Is your target audience using the social network of your choice?

When joining social networks, toeing the customers' line is the best option The unbelievably vast social space offers an opportunity, especially for companies that want to engage with the savvy, information-devouring, new age customers. Empowered folks now don't pull any punches to approve or disapprove brands on a plethora of virtual conversation platforms—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, [...]

How easy is it to search for truth in Big Data?

With a considered strategy the truth in big data is not that elusive Very recently, when it has been extensively reported in the media that Microsoft researcher David Rothschild has accurately forecasted this year's 20 Oscar winners out of 24 with the help of his predictive model, our paths have once again crossed with big [...]

Digging into Tweets – Mining Twitter comments and gauging the influence

The business mindset about social media There has emerged a trend where the two giants of the social media sphere have been typecast (at least in the mind) into different silos: Most popular brands have "Fan Pages" and "Twitter Handles" catering to audiences in both the mediums. But with two-way exchange, experience, and user behavior, [...]

Why opt for a Google AdSense partner?

Setup your account perfectly Setting up an AdSense account sounds easy, but a lot goes into it. Activities like ad inventory planning, ad unit naming convention, policy compliance, and a lot of other best practices must be implemented correctly. Even if you are an existing AdSense publisher, you might be missing out on a lot [...]

Tableau Prep – A new era

Last week, Tableau announced the introduction of Tableau Prep, a new data preparation tool that bridges the gap that existed in Tableau visualization. It enables users to combine, shape and clean their data before loading it into Tableau to make custom dashboards for analysis. Similar to some of the other ETL tools in the market, [...]

Executing digital campaigns that deliver results

Digital marketing is penetrating deep within the territories of global business ecosystem, and it is showing no sign of slowing down. Startups and organizations alike are embedding social media campaigns in tandem with their growth strategies to increase their brand awareness, reputation, traffic, and eventual ROI. This being said, digital marketing requires systematic planning, execution, [...]

Know the health of your analytics implementation in 5 steps

In the digital arena, all types of businesses like to make an impact in the online world. They invest heavily on building a website which is a crucial entry point for consumers. Such hefty investment leads us to a very important set of questions revolving around whether it is working for their business or not. [...]

Digital data governance

Data analytics governance is the insurance in digital analytics. It is the key to making meaningful decisions and business growth through reliable and trustworthy data. It’s extremely important to have a quality control mechanism that helps validate the consistency and reliability of digital analytics data. Hence, it is critical to invest time and resources for [...]

How to calculate the ROI of your CRO program

The objective of a conversion rate optimization (CRO) program is simple – to get more value out of your existing audience. For any business that invests resources in getting people to their website, this should be a critical piece of the strategy. Search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, SEO, and many other [...]

Content download analysis for better ROI on content marketing

Introduction Content downloads are often viewed as micro conversions on the way to a more important macro conversion that is lower in the acquisition funnel, and therefore, an important part of the acquisition process. Through content download analysis, marketers can understand user behavior before and after content downloads and learn how certain downloads influence macro [...]

What does VP of Marketing wants to see in his Marketing Dashboard?

E-commerce players work hard to sell products online through various marketing initiatives. You, as an analyst strive to come up with a gamut of recommendations, but would those recommendations capture the imagination of a VP of Marketing or a CMO? In my opinion, the basic mantra is to present the insights in a quickly digestible [...]

How to create Custom-Visuals in Datorama using Rich–Text

Introduction Let us walk you through different sections in the Rich Text Widget with its respective functionalities and how it can be used to create Custom-Visuals. The Rich Text Widget in the Datorama Dashboards comes with an interesting list of ‘out of the box’ features. It makes your dashboard more interactive and AI driven, enabling [...]

How to Optimize marketing dashboards in Datorama

Datorama Dashboards need to be optimized for effective in-depth reporting across teams by avoiding Dashboard page crash. Coagulating exhaustive marketing data from disparate sources into a centralized view has posed a serious operational problem for marketers worldwide. It has been a daunting task to unify and connect dynamic marketing data streaming in from multiple locations [...]

How to optimize your Campaign Reporting practices at scale

Campaign reporting at scale or optimizing campaign reporting adds value and is crucial for running a successful marketing campaign You work hard to design marketing campaigns that drive your marketing & sales strategies towards a specific goal. But do these campaigns work hard enough for you? Manual and fragmented reporting due to discrepancies in data [...]

How to audit your website for exceptional data quality using the website analytics tools optimally

Efficient audit practices ensure exceptional data quality and accuracy. It all simply begins like this. You want to gather more actionable data through website monitoring to make smarter decisions. So, you decide to accelerate your data streaming process by adding complex configurations in your website analytics tools. But are you capturing quality data well enough [...]

How Datorama helps digital analytics agencies with automation in data analytics

You can now stop wasting precious time, money and effort in manually trying to connect, unify and analyze a huge plethora of marketing data for effective marketing reporting and analytics. In a highly performance- oriented industry, marketing and reporting relevant KPIs for marketing agencies is extremely important. Clients approach you for expertise in execution and [...]

Track the Direct File Downloading from search engines

We have discovered a workaround for you to track the direct file downloading from search engines. One of the KRAs in source analysis by your marketing team is the level of customer engagement on your website. Major Search engines like Google offer a unique feature with which the users can directly access the files present [...]

Creating interactive marketing dashboards

Marketers tend to run multiple marketing campaigns in the digital marketing arena to ensure that the products and services on offer are made aware to the targeted customer base. Considering that most campaigns involve spending a good portion of the marketing budget, it is necessary for marketers to understand and analyse how much impact they [...]

AI powered dashboards to track and optimize marketing campaigns

Salesforce Datorama help you to scale your data ceaselessly, extensively and never let you overlook any valuable insights. As a marketeer you are responsible to connect the entire ecosystem of your marketing data. This is intrinsic for understanding customer behavior, campaign performances and to optimize marketing campaigns. After all you must drive business growth and [...]

Analyse A/B testing results for better conversion rate

You may have a clear winner by conducting A/B testing but what matters is the truth you learn by analyzing the A/B testing results that gets customers to say a ‘yes’ to your offer. A/B testing is a great tool that makes testing fun and easy. As Bryan Clayton, CEO of GreenPal, puts it, Only [...]

How to create Crosstab Database Union in Tableau

You can now combine, shape and clean different data sources even in Crosstab Database Union using Tableau Prep. Crosstab is the process of merging data from scattered multiple sources in a concise format for the ease of reporting. And union is a method of combining data by appending rows of one table onto another table. [...]

Optimize marketing budget using Datorama Media Cost Centre

A media cost centre contributes to your company’s profitability by tracking your expenses and giving you control of the total costs. We have three very important questions for you. Are you wasting your time in trying to decipher if your marketing activity is in tandem with your initial business goals? Do you want to know [...]

Website updates need rigorous testing – Choose A/B testing or Multivariate testing

The mark of a good website is its ability to keep visitors engaged and make them want to come back for more. Only if the visitors return to the website is there a better chance for conversion into sales. For this to happen, changes and updates are a part and parcel of the website’s evolution, [...]

Analyze customer data from multiple sources using analytics tools

Mapping data sources with analytics data Businesses generate a lot of data with respect to their customers, especially if they are present online. If you use a variety of digital systems and tools to track this data, you can use analytics to comb, combine and analyse it in one place. For example -- you are [...]

How to harmonize and integrate your Big Data using Datorama

Data harmonization turns all your disparate big data into the “apple to apples” format in data analysis for a true view of your customers and campaigns. Working across multiple regions, platforms, formats and fields, you want to comprehend your marketing performance across all these planes to enable smarter decisions. But you realise that master data [...]

How to leverage user ID in Google Analytics during user acquisition analysis

All analytics tools including google analytics offer a feature called user ID. It unifies the multiple sessions by a single user through many devices into one single user for an accurate customer journey analysis. Most analytical tools like Google Analytics record hits, views, sessions and users. But you know that already. What you are probably [...]

Data preparation in Datorama for omnichannel campaigns

You need to collect, clean and consolidate data in one centralized place for reporting, analytics and strategic insight. You need data preparation. If you are asking why, then we would like to ask you this question. Do you know the difference between a great marketer and a mediocre one? Great marketers build great algorithms and [...]

Micro conversion- The complete story

Tips to tinker with dashboards to help optimize data visualization

Companies and websites generate a lot of data that need to be parsed and organized in a form that would provide meaningful information for interested parties. Lengthy reports on website visitors are generally not the most effective way of communicating that information, and this is where dashboards come into the picture. Data is best viewed [...]

How to track micro conversions accurately

Failing to track how your users are ‘micro converting’ to crucial engagement actions on your website leads to friction in your macro conversions. In our earlier article, we introduced you to micro conversions. We spoke about their definition, their relevance for your conversion goals and their tracking to optimize conversion rate. (Why should you be [...]

How colors help in optimizing business dashboards

To a decision maker, raw information is only valuable when presented in an easily understood form. When 90% of the information transmitted to our brains is visual, a graphical business dashboard can go a long way in assisting the process of business intelligence. This piece explores how colors are a vital part of dashboard optimization. [...]

How to change your data story with our 5 interactive dashboards

We are working ceaselessly to make your data work harder for you and let it pay you back in ways you could never imagine with some of the coolest looking dashboards. We have devised some of the best analytics practices (be it site/app/campaign analysis, attribution, segmentation or predictive analysis) and are creating ripples in data [...]

Explore Website Analytics Matrix in Google Analytics

Website navigation analysis if done correctly, is great for SEO performance, better conversions and enhanced search visibility. Google provides you with a chunk of cluttered and undecipherable analytical data on your website, but does that data really provide you with the insights to steer the website to your advantage? The primary purpose of exploring the [...]

Is Google 360 a good option for you?

The transition from GA standard to GA 360 is a seamless one, but do the marketing requirements of your company really need this upgrade? Google analytics opened a Pandora’s box of information about the keyword and visitor behavior on your website, assisting you to track your data more effectively. But as a marketer, are you [...]

Ten missteps to avoid when creating marketing dashboards

All companies generate data based on how their customers interact with them on their websites as well as the purchases they make from traditional stores. It is important that this data is viewed and analysed in the right way so that future decisions pertaining to products and services can be taken based on what the [...]

Unlock your hidden keywords in Google Analytics

Adding filters to GA (Google Analytics) is one of the clever Google Analytics Hacks to unlock (not provided) organically searched hidden keywords. We bet that before 2011, you loved Google Analytics implementation more. It provided you with complete access to an ocean of information within your website analytics, that engaged your users the most. Through [...]

How to measure your marketing ROI accurately

Don’t let your campaign optimization be just a guessing game. Measure ROI accurately and let all your efforts yield the results you want. The world is moving away from the idea that marketing is a fluffy expense and campaign spend can be cut when times get tough, especially after the advent of digital marketing. Return [...]

How to unify customer data by merging data from different sources

You need to act quickly by unifying customer data that comes in large volumes from scattered sources for effective customer journey analysis and better business prospects. Do you know what happened to Sean Downey the VP at Media Platforms, Google? He was a regular customer with an online portal for purchasing games. But despite of [...]

Use behavioural data to improve Conversion Rate

User behavioural data is the backbone of your marketing strategy and business as it helps to improve the overall user experience for better conversion rate. Customers are the corner stones of your marketing strategy and they are getting smarter. They know what they want and how to get it. Hence deeper the insights you have [...]

A/B testing, Multivariate testing and more with Adobe Target

Don’t limit Adobe Target as a multivariate testing and ab testing tool. Explore it further for experience targeting, automated web personalisation and as a recommendation engine. Talk to our consultants to know more about the conversion rate optimization services we offer. As the never-ending quest for scalability and sustainability in business rages on, Adobe Target [...]

Optimizely recommendations for loading your website faster

We can help you with 3 best practices that make Optimizely work smoother and faster on your website for a better customer experience. The fact that Optimizely as an ab testing tool largely optimizes digital experience within the realm of website analytics is non-debatable. But just like any other testing tool, it too functions on [...]

How to segment data effectively in Google Analytics for improved customer experience

Data segmentation in Google analytics puts you in charge of your data by helping you analyse various layers of your customer database and get the most out of it. Let’s say people visit your ecommerce website from multiple sources with different reasons that reflects in their navigational behaviour. What does that leave you with? Averages [...]

Tried and tested ways to improve your hero banner for a greater conversion rate

A well-designed hero image can help your company by increasing the USP, reputation, traffic or sales among other benefits. This one doesn’t wear a swaying cape or mask but is nevertheless a saviour. It is the most significant and pivotal tool in your web design. A hero image is the high definition video or a [...]

5 clever power BI tips and tricks that can transform your Big Data in amazing ways

Nabler is a digital analytics consulting company providing data infrastructure, Business Intelligence, Conversion rate optimization and data science services. You can trust us for your Power BI implementation/migration. Talk to our BI consultants about it today- CLICK HERE You can also get in touch with us about-   Datorama Consulting Service Tableau Consulting Service Klipfolio Consulting Service   [...]

Want to achieve effective competitor analysis? Don’t miss reading this article

Competitor analysis is much more effective when you choose the right competitor analysis tools and know how to use them well for the right kind of analysis. It is out there. A treasure chest containing your competitor’s valuable marketing information and peeping inside may just be a good idea after all. It can help you [...]

Business intelligence is evolving. Are you ready?

Explore the evolved Business Intelligence (BI) tools to transform your products and services to be more data driven for the best business decisions. Business Intelligence(BI) has helped you analyse your raw Big Data and presented you with insights for better informed business decisions. It has transformed the problem of your organisation drowning in an influx [...]

8 reasons why you need Responsive KPI dashboards for accessing your crucial data

Accessing crucial data on your fingertips through responsive dashboards is valuable for making informed decisions that lead to business growth. Dashboards are all about quick glances into easy to read single pages with real time user interfaces. But does the inertia of your fast-paced life allow you to access business dashboards only from laptops and [...]

The one thing that your data analytics needs is advanced dashboards

Make more sense of the incredible amount of data your organisation generates through visually appealing advanced dashboards for insightful business analytics. It’s the digital age! And like most businesses your business has an online presence too. But although being in the digital arena reaps major benefits for your organisation, it also means a constant influx [...]

Predicting user intent can boost your customer experience like never before- Find out how

In this era of digital marketing, the growth of your business begins with not only understanding what people want but predicting what they want next. The other day while I was making a purchase on Amazon, the site prompted me to browse through some more products that they felt I would like as well and [...]

Are you watchful of these 5-marketing metrics as a marketer?

A sound Digital marketing strategy with well-defined marketing metrics is critical for determining the success of your online activity and efforts for impactful sales. As a marketer when you carve out a digital marketing strategy, or a marketing campaign, there are certain tough questions you inevitably face. Am I reaching out to my target audience [...]

Extend your functional possibilities using dashboard extensions in Tableau

Dashboard extensions help you understand the sweet and sour spots of your dashboard, enabling data interaction and integration with related applications directly in Tableau. A Tableau Dashboard extension is a simple dashboard extension you can build using Tableau, but it brings with it a variety of exciting and unique features. This web application facilitates a [...]

Tableau Prep for Data Preparation is here! Have you tried it yet?

Empower yourself with the ability to gather, merge, clean, shape and prepare your data for analysis in Tableau using Tableau Prep. The Data Visualization tool, Tableau now has a personal data preparation and ETL tool among its suite of products to prepare data for easily analysis. It is as intuitive as the Tableau Desktop & [...]

The Data Visualization manual that you will want to bookmark

You need a graphical representation of data to convert meaningless numbers into actionable insights for your business to get the boost it needs. According to Forbes, there is 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every single day. And we have no qualms in confiding that this enormous data gushing in from multiple channels has overwhelmed [...]

Essential BI truths from the BI coaches and experts

Business Intelligence tools push your products and services to be more data driven for answering crucial business questions and give you a winning edge over your competition. What is Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence (BI) helps you analyse your raw Big Data and presents you with insights for better informed business decisions. It transforms the problem [...]

5 little known facts about Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing analytics is having the right data in hand, analysing it and using it effectively to change your business game. The world of business has evolved and so has marketing. There is a gamut of data to work with and unless it is analysed and used effectively there are going to be unpleasant surprises [...]

The ultimate guide to answer all your queries on Data Governance

Make the right data available to the right person at the right time and insure your digital analytics through proper Data Governance. Nabler is a pure play digital analytics consulting company providing Data infrastructure, BI consulting, Conversion rate optimization and, data science consulting. Talk to our consultants about how we can enrich your data for better results. Data governance broadly [...]

Everything about Data Analytics to clear your confusion

Contain and analyse raw data thrown at you with an overwhelming velocity with some of the best and effective Data Analysis tools available to you. What is Data Analytics? Data Analytics is an assortment of applications that includes Business Intelligence, reporting, analytical processing, and advanced analytics. Data Analysis tools are a type of these applications [...]

The In depth Conversion Rate Optimization tutorial you must read

Use conversion rate optimization to analyse what your customers want before they lose interest and boost the performance of your website. Do you like navigating through a boring website? Nobody does. By boring I don’t mean colourless and dull but a site that dishes out what you aren’t looking for. It could be either irrelevant [...]

The simplest article on Website Analytics you were waiting for

Correct Website Analytics is the key for happier customers, greater conversions and a thriving business. Your business website is for your online customers. It provides them with all the information about your products and services. But how do you get information about customers to boost your business? You need to tap into the analytics of [...]

Data Security the key to survive and stay ahead of the competition

Your data needs protection too from unauthorised access and corruption through data encryption, tokenisation and key data governance management. Hence, the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation act (GDPR) on 14th April 2016, despite several challenges faced by the organisations in the existing data protection policies, is justified. The recent congressional hearings on Google [...]

Data Enrichment explained

Accurate informed decisions in your business involve enhancing, improving and organising the existing data. You can optimize this data governance process through data enrichment. Nabler is a pure play digital analytics consulting company and we provide enterprise level data governance consulting through data enrichment services. We have experience working and consulting on the top data [...]

Data Visualization made easy with Tableau

Analyze massive amount of information with the Data Visualization tool, Tableau and make excellent data driven decisions. Advancement in bi and technology has brought data to our fingertips. Every day new inventions come into the market to make work easier for us. Business Intelligence tools convert raw data into information for analysis and help tremendously [...]

The impact of Power BI in Business Intelligence

Monitor your business powerfully with the Power BI suite of business intelligence tools and get quick answers through rich Data Visualization with excellent dashboards. The world of Business Intelligence has been simplified with an easy and quick business intelligence tool for effective Data Visualization – the Power BI. This Business Analytics service by Microsoft brings [...]

Tag manager systems-It is trending, and we don’t just mean hashtag

Tag Manager system is not be a very glamourous term, but the process makes it amazingly easy for users to efficiently manage and implement tags on their digital space. There are multiple tag manager services out there, the big wigs include- Google tag manager services, adobe tag manager services, Adobe DTM services, Tealium, Signal, Ensighten. [...]

Starting conversion rate optimization with website A/B testing

Measure the value of your marketing campaigns by experimenting, comparing and creating actionable data with A/B testing to start conversion rate optimization. Nabler is a pure play digital analytics consulting company which provides a marade of conversion rate optimization services that also includes A/B testing services. In this article we discuss what is website A/B [...]

Have you considered Alteryx analytics for your Big Data?

Alteryx analytics is all about the thrill of solving Big Data problems and getting quicker answers. What makes Alteryx data analytics unique as an platform is the flexibility it gives to analyze Big Data from multiple sources to deliver business insights easily. It supercharges your Data in Data Visualization. The problem you face with the [...]

This is how you build an API connector using Alteryx

Alteryx lets you processes data in an innovative way, leveraging a combination of in-memory and in-database processing to optimize data blending and analytics, with connectors. It provides many built-in data connectors and there are additional ones available for download from the Gallery. This list currently includes tools such as Google Sheets, Salesforce, Marketo, and others. [...]

How to create a standard Alteryx macro

What is a Macro in Alteryx? Macro is a collection of tools that are grouped together as a single tool and that can be used as an input tool or data preparation tool in a workflow. Any workflow can be turned into macro just by clicking the input and convert input to macro, but a [...]

This is how to avoid shopping cart abandonment

There are ways to solve the persistent and frustrating issue of shopping cart abandonment with the right efforts for greater customer satisfaction. As an online retailer you haven’t left any page unturned. You have invested a considerable amount of effort in crafting an effective digital marketing strategy and an appealing e-commerce website. But if you [...]

How to increase international student admission?

The strength of your educational institution lies in its reputation. And these are the defining factors that set you apart from your competitors. Hence, just aspiring to attract local students to your university may not really be enough for your business as much as casting the net as wide as possible would. How to increase [...]

Take your website user experience to the next level

Your website user experience is the most powerful asset as well as a centre piece for all your marketing efforts. And 8 seconds is all you get to make a lasting impact on your online students with your user experience strategy. User experience for mobile applications and websites is all about making it more accessible, [...]

Drive better results by understanding customer data