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A New Platform for Thought Building: Nabler’s Corporate Blog

A New Platform for Thought Building: Nabler’s Corporate Blog

For the past few years, we have been running our blog webanalyticsindia.com. When we started blogging, we wanted to focus on sharing some of the tips and tricks we had learned. So the focus was to write posts that were more tactical in nature.

However, we also now feel the need to share things at an organisation level. Irrespective of the many years we have been in operation, we still feel young as an organisation. We are excited at the new things that are happening within the industry. We are always trying to change things within our company. And we want to share some of these updates to people who follow our company – as employees, customers and partners.

We also want to use this blog as a platform for our senior members to share their thoughts and views on various aspects of digital analytics.

We are extremely grateful to various forums and blogs on digital analytics where people have freely shared their expertise. It is time for us also to contribute back to the community.

So, we hope to build a community and encourage conversations around some exciting topics in and around digital analytics.

Hope you like our first post and will keep coming back to enjoy newer posts from our team.

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