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All That’s New @ Nabler This Year

All That’s New @ Nabler This Year

At Nabler, we consistently strive to invigorate our offerings every year. We adapt our services and management focus based on changing business trends, online consumer behavior, newer marketing channels, and new ways of gathering smart and actionable insights. We help our clients shift their focus from considering analytics as an enabler to being a ROI driven platform.

As we have already entered in to year 2014 and have completed Q1, it’s time to apprise you about our plans for this year and what’s new and interesting in our armor for you. Here is a sneak preview of what’s on its way:

New services: We are launching our newly designed website in Q2-2014 with a wide array of useful services including Testing & Optimization, Customer Segmentation, Lifetime Value Analysis, Text Mining, Channel Attribution Analysis, Sentiments Analysis, SiteCatalyst Implementation, Test&Target Implementation, Conversion Audits, Digital Analytics Roadmap, and a lot more.

Strengthened consulting team: We are increasing the strength of our consulting team and raising the bar by getting the members certified on Adobe SiteCatalyst, Adobe Test&Target, and Google AdWords technologies. We are also conducting a series of training sessions every quarter on topics like Hadoop Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Advanced Statistics, etc.

Even greater analytical insights: We are getting more focused on Analysis. If you are already consuming our Reporting & Analysis services, you will receive more insights and deep-dive analysis from us than before. We are also training our Reporting Analysts to deliver on that promise.

Free conversion audit: We are giving a wonderful opportunity to all our newsletter subscribers to get a FREE 20 Hrs Conversion Audit from our Consulting Team and learn where the opportunities for optimization are.

Implementation focus: To respond to growing demand for web analytics implementation, we now have a business unit dedicated to implementation. So, bring on your implementation requirements and we are here to meet them.

New dashboard platform added: Earlier this year, we have added a new dashboard platform in our services.  With this solution we are now able to build advanced and feature-rich dashboards faster and cost-effectively for our clients.

Customized training programs: We are going to offer customized web-based training programs to our enterprise clients on solutions like, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Adobe Test&Target, Adobe Ad-Hoc (Discover), and 33.

If you would like to know more about our new or potential service offerings, please contact us.

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