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Data preparation in Datorama for omnichannel campaigns

You need to collect, clean and consolidate data in one centralized place for reporting, analytics and strategic insight.

You need data preparation.

If you are asking why, then we would like to ask you this question.

Do you know the difference between a great marketer and a mediocre one?

Great marketers build great algorithms and propel them in the right direction for analytics. They convert messy, inconsistent data from omnichannel campaigns and integrate this data together for reporting and marketing analytics. They cleanse data collected from reporting files such as xls, pdf, csv and avoid reporting data with manual entries. And finally, they restructure this data in a usable way that can be leveraged.

They use data preparation.

The mediocre ones spend 80% of their resources in the mundane labor of organizing unruly data from omnichannel campaigns to use it effectively for a unified campaign performance report. They are hardly left with any time for valuable insights.

Data preparation is simply the preliminary process of collecting, standardizing, and consolidating data from multiple sources into one centralized location and format for unified campaign performance report, analysis and strategic insight.

As an omnichannel marketer, you have campaign performance and user interaction data, coming in multiple formats. And since there are inconsistent labels or non-standardized taxonomy, you need data preparation before you can get valuable insights. This will help you understand how your campaign performs across channels. Also, digital marketers and website managers have click stream data on website traffic and conversions. Data preparation merges this data with insights from programmatic ads served, and ad verification platforms to get a wholistic campaign performance report.

But here comes a reality check.

CrowdFlower, a provider of a “data enrichment” platform, conducted a survey of about 80 marketers.

The survey showed that data preparation was much more time consuming than data analysis and the least glamourous as compared to data exploration, data visualization, etc.

Dataroma has the leading solution for you for the problem.

It automates your data preparation and helps you deal with data integration from omnichannel campaigns.

Read further to find out more about data preparation in Datorama for cross-channel campaigns.

  • With Datorama, you can have one centralized location for all your marketing data. It has been designed to make cross channel reporting and insights easy for you with no coding required.
  • Its data integration engine combines Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the best of marketing expertise to help with data integration and harmonization. And thus letting data from across channels to communicate with its simple assistive technology.
  • With all this automation, Datorama allows for flexibility in terms of customization of Datorama Dashboards as per specific needs.
  • It ensures that you spend more time driving action-based insights and less on spreadsheets generating reports by automatically integrating all relevant marketing tools. Its AI driven approach and data preparation tools like LiteConnect make it easier for you to connect traditional and non-traditional data sources and analyse multiple campaign performance reports simultaneously.

All data is dirty! It is up to you, as a marketer, to clean it and use it well.

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In the meantime, if you want to know more about a marketing tool that works hand in glove with data preparation, we suggest you read our article on data harmonization and sync your marketing efforts for optimum results.

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