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How Datorama Helps Digital Analytics Agencies With Automation In Data Analytics

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How Datorama Helps Digital Analytics Agencies With Automation In Data Analytics

You can now stop wasting precious time, money and effort in manually trying to connect, unify and analyze a plethora of marketing data for effective marketing reporting and analytics.

In a highly performance-oriented industry, marketing and reporting relevant KPIs for marketing agencies is extremely important. Clients approach you for expertise in execution and your proven ability to produce results in digital marketing. But you are dealing with volumes of data produced at high velocity? And you will agree that the marketing analytics involved to deal with this asymmetrical, compounded data that flows in each month, from various clients, can be a very arduous process. There is frantic button-pushing and a ridiculous amount of time spent on wrangling inconsistent data if the process of data analytics is manual.

Does this make your digital marketing and business growth a constant challenge?

Automation in data analytics is the answer.

Automation in marketing reporting and analytics is not a luxury anymore but a necessary component. Because it is no longer only creativity and ad-targeting that drives results, it is dynamic insights in data analytics too.

Datorama is a global marketing analytics company providing the world’s first marketing integration engine for agencies. It allows you to replace up to 80% of the manual process of marketing analytics with automation.

The How

Datorama centralizes all marketing reports

  • It helps your agency to centralize all your marketing reporting and analytics across silos for cross-channel visualization, analysis and data-driven insight generation. It analyses inputs from unlimited data sources, including online and offline marketing channels, and first and third-party applications across CRM, billing, call centres, and more.
  • It automatically integrates all your marketing analytics tools so that you spend less time lost in spreadsheets and act swifter on the right insights that drive KPIs for the marketing agency. It’s software-as-service (SaaS) platform gives you the ability to connect all the data sources together to form a coherent data set in data analytics for efficient reporting and decision making with total control over the digital marketing performance.
  • It’s best-in-class combination of end-to-end data management, machine learning (AI) technology, and high-performance architecture makes it simpler for you to connect, unify and analyse all your marketing data on smart, interactive dashboards.

Datorama organizes your reports

  • It gives your agency an edge over the other BI tools as it not only helps you automate marketing reporting and analytics by creating interactive dashboards but also helps you have a glance at all your clients’ data at once. To keep it more organised it also allows you to segregate the clients based on the markets and have them all under one account at the same time.
  • Even if reports are assembled manually there is absolutely no guarantee that there will be consistency in the presentations of reports due to human error. Clients need a seamless format with clarity and crispness to scan the reports for important information in limited time and Datorama standardises analytics for agencies for optimum client satisfaction.
  • When reports are not manually created from scratch, they can be referenced at any time, by anyone who has the requirement and permission to access them. Marketing reporting and analytics is centralised for efficient reporting of KPI for marketing agencies by reducing bottlenecks.

    Given all this, in a survey conducted by eMarketer, 74 percent of senior marketers surveyed said that they were inclined to choose an agency with end to end marketing analytics capabilities.

Marketing reporting and analytics is undergoing constant metamorphosis and end to end marketing analytics for digital marketing agencies no longer seems a tall order. This is where the balance of power is tilting.

Do you want to fit in and thrive or be left out?

Find out more on our Datorama solutions here or feel free to contact us at anytime and we will be glad to assist.

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