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‘Mobilegeddon’ – Is it a war?

‘Mobilegeddon’ – Is it a war?

5% of websites tweak their sites just prior to launch, reports Google

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‘Armageddon’ as we know from the New Testament, is the last battle fought between the Good and the Evil before the Judgement Day, which is often used as a metaphor to portray a conflict of the proportions that have the ability to destroy the human race. Well, that was one era where the challenges were different, now is a different era with its new set of challenges.So what is Mobilegeddon and how will it affect us? Is it a threat to us?

Let’s first unravel the rather mysterious term:

Mobilegeddon: On April 21st, 2015 Google announced that they would penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly, by pushing down their rankings on Google Search

Sigh, Nostradamus’s prediction can wait, does not seem that bad after all. So Google from 21st April has launched an updated search engine algorithm that will penalize the organic rankings of those websites that are not mobile-friendly and by mobile friendly it means having a responsive design, proper display of content and usability on a mobile device.

Google anyways rules the Organic Search domain (apart from many other spheres); hence not paying heed to what Google says can have a strong adverse effect when it comes to organic search.

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While a Gartner Report predicts by 2017, mobile apps will be downloaded 268 billion times, contributing to more than $77 billion, which means a goldmine of opportunities lie ahead as tons of personalized data can be obtained from the mobile applications and services every single day. Thus, it’s not that Google is being a bully but actually like a parent preparing website owners and driving to adopt improved mobile experience to enable better content to be delivered for those looking for it and rewarding those who help that deliver by pushing them up the rankings.

Most websites have taken initiatives since the announcement of the algorithm change in November 2014, Google reported about 5% of websites tweaking their sites just prior to launch. If you haven’t yet addressed the problem it is advised to get on to the job without any further delay. Website owners can check the mobile friendliness of their site at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ and here is the post by Google updating about the algorithm change. Google ran campaigns and carried out surveys that strongly stressed the requirement for shifting to responsive design, one such result is “What device are you using to read this post?” Of the 871 responses, desktop/laptop, and mobile phone usage only differed by 28 votes.

So if are among those who took early notice and made your site mobile friendly, you have prepared well, but if you belong to the other half then get up to speed to make your site responsive before the Mobilegeddon strikes an Armageddon for your website.

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