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Web Analytics Glossary

By Nancy T Willy

Find some of the common terms in web analytics arranged in alphabetical order.

Abandonment : Loosing clients in the middle of the conversion procedure of your website. E.g. – Client fills the shopping cart, but abandons the site without committing to actual purchase.

Analysis : Studying the data on traffic to the website, visitor behavior and visitor responses to draw meaningful conclusions from these data. This analysis should help you in getting more business to your website.

Bounce rate : This indicates the percentage of visitors who entered one particular page and left from the same page without going to any other page on the website.

Click throughs : The process of a visitor clicking on a particular link, be it to move to another website, another page of the same website, or even the same page.

Click Through Rate : No. of clicks/ No. of Impressions expressed as a percentage. It can indicate the success of a particular marketing campaign, especially banner ads and ad copy.

Conversions :The number of visitors who completed the required procedure to do business with you on your website. E.g. – buying a particular product, filling up the contact form or calling the toll free number mentioned in the website.

Entry page : The web page that a visitor first came to on a website. A visitor could have come to your homepage, contact us page, or even a campaign landing page based on the referrals. See Referrals.

Exit page : The web page from which a visitor left. These indicate the pages that have less interesting content that failed to capture the visitor’s attention.

Hits : The number of times each element of your website is requested for by the visitors. A client viewing your homepage just once would mean many hits based on the numbers of elements you have on the homepage like images, style sheets etc.

Impressions : The single appearance of a web page to a visitor.

Log files : Files that list all activities that happened on your website. Log file analysis reveals the kind of visitors to your website, the path they followed on the site, where they came from and their activities on your website.

Page Duration : Average time that a visitor spends on a web page. See Web page.

Page Views : Page view is the number of times a web page is rendered by the server. These may include HTML pages or script pages. Images, sound and video files are not taken into account in page views.

Path Analysis : The analysis of paths that the visitors take on your website. This gives a clear idea of what your clients are searching for and at what point they leave the path or are converted.

Referrals :Referrals are the websites from where your visitors come, especially the search engines and directories. Referrals help you find out the links to your website and the path from which you are getting maximum traffic.

Repeat Visitor : A visitor who has visited your website before. A higher percentage of returning users is good news for your website since it shows that they are interested in your products, services or content.

Search phrases and Search words : Phrases and words that visitors typed into search engines to come to your website. These help you to target the right keywords on your website.

Sessions : A Session is a record of one visitor browsing through your site, with an entry page, paths and also exit page. Short sessions would indicate that your site is not very targeted and extremely long sessions would indicate that the clients could not find what they were looking for.

Stickiness : A measure of how interesting or attention capturing your website content is. Page views per visit can be an effective measure of the stickiness of your website content.

Unique Visitors : Every unique person visiting your website in a particular time period. It is generally tracked using IP addresses, browsers and cookies.

Visits/Sessions : A series of hits and page views from one particular IP address. A session has a timeout period, i.e. if there are no hits for a particular time period (usually 30 mts), the next hit is considered as the next session.

Visitors :Visitors are measured as more then one hit from a particular IP address, so long as the gap between subsequent hits is not more than 30 minutes. Visitors is a better measurements than hits because it can distinguish users reasonably well using the IP address. But hits coming from the same IP address after an idle time of 30 minutes would be considered as another visitor.

Web page : Any page saved in some server that can be accessed and downloaded from the web.

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