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Why opt for a Google AdSense partner?

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Why opt for a Google AdSense partner?

Setup your account perfectly

Setting up an AdSense account sounds easy, but a lot goes into it. Activities like ad inventory planning, ad unit naming convention, policy compliance, and a lot of other best practices must be implemented correctly. Even if you are an existing AdSense publisher, you might be missing out on a lot of features due to lack of guidance and knowledge about the settings to choose.

Monitor your account regularly

Once the account is setup, it needs to be monitored on a regular basis for things like policy violations, sudden revenue drops, etc. Many AdSense publishers monitor their accounts, but the truth is that most of them don’t go beyond checking the revenue and CPC metrics. Partners can help you monitor your account frequently and critically with a proper mechanism in place.

Leverage your partner’s direct relationship with Google

Partners have direct contact with Google AdSense team which makes you receive new updates faster. These could be related to new product launches, beta implementations like Anchor ads, Interstitial ads, Sticky ads, matched-content feature, etc. Utilizing these updates often results in revenue uplift. It will also become easier for you to resolve any issues in a short period of time. You get to speak to real people over phone regarding your account (otherwise, you only have an option to write to Google team and wait for their response).

Optimize to earn more revenue

Optimization is undoubtedly the most important and difficult part. You might check your AdSense reports frequently and notice the revenue metrics fluctuate; but does it really make sense to you? Are you acting on the changes you see? Are you using the right ad unit sizes and placements? Have you ever realized the maximum potential of your website(s) revenue? It doesn’t matter if you are a large or small publisher; there is a scope for continuous optimization.

A lot of testing and consistent monitoring has to be done for successful optimization. How is your website performing? Are your visitors engaging with your content and your ads? Are you able to retain the new visitors? Are you losing site visitors by causing bad user experience with the ad placement (size/location/no. of ad units in a page)? How are the visitors behaving? Answers to the above constitute a major part of optimization, and it requires deep knowledge in the field of Web Analytics.

Cash in on your partner’s expertise in the field

Partners have proven knowledge and experience in the field. Professionals certified by Google work on your account after meeting rigorous qualification standards. Partners also have a lot of experience in managing publishers’ accounts with varied backgrounds, team sizes, verticals, etc. Partners offer a great opportunity to implement best practices that help the entire eco-system.

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