BI Consulting

Our powerful dashboards give you all the information you need in a brief glance to help you derive deep insights from your data. Our BI consulting services include –

An In-depth Assessment of Your BI Vision

Precise Implementation and Powerful Dashboards

We help you make significant improvements to the BI tools by replacing missing elements and enhancing capabilities.

We design practical, interactive, intuitive, personalized, and dynamic role–based dashboards for data-centric decisions.

We do not restrict your unique Business Intelligence requirements within the confines of the readymade BI modules.

We work on the UI of BI systems for consistent UX.

We help you save additional costs on custom development.

Platform Management And Migration

If you don’t have a BI tool, we help you migrate from Excel, or from one tool to another.
We implement, maintain, and customize migrated tools for a seamless transition.
Our Business Intelligence consultant can run a sanity check on all our services; intervening and troubleshooting, if required.

Performance Reporting

  • We provide a centralized, panoramic view of your cross-channel marketing performance.
  • We give you comprehensive, real-time reports with KPIs, insights, and alters.
  • We give you clarity on what’s working and what’s not for wiser investments.

The challenges We Help You Resolve

Remedy low-quality and ambiguous data.
Streamline mismatched data from different departments into a single unified view.
Inaccurate and static reports slow you down.
On-the-fly analysis for deep insights into your data.
Stitch unrelated data points back together for a holistic view of your data.
Free up your IT team.

The services we offer

Custom dashboards for decision makers like you

We work with the leading BI tools in the industry


A leading agency significantly increased their client retention using our customized BI dashboards. Read the case study.

Drive results by better understanding customer data