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Nabler provides big data solutions that are highly scalable and economical. Our proven expertise delivers business value to digital marketing across industries.

Challenges We See

Challenges We See

Inability to define data nomenclature

Challenges We See

Unable to maintain data quality and trust

Challenges We See

Lack of expertise to handle variety of databases

Challenges We See

Prohibitive cost to analyze unstructured data

Benefits of Big Data Consulting


Coordinated use of data points that lead to high efficiency data ops


Superior data usability, reliability, and connectivity


Apps that can significantly scale will reduce runtime maintenance costs


3X reduction in app data costs by processing information in ETL stage

What we do

What we do
Data quality management

Maintain a data health check at the time of ingestion in order to score and identify bad data sources

What we do
Building 360-degree Data Views

Comprehensive view of customers, products, channels, and campaigns

What we do
Master Data Management

We maintain data sanctity for data marketing (Camptag), sales (accounts, contacts, leads), and web pages.

What we do
Scalable Data Applications

We build scalable solutions using NoSQL databases like MongoDB; graph databases like Neo4J; and postgres databases like Redshift

What we do
Machine Learning Enabled Data Transformation

Natural Language Processing-based text mining and OCR based PDF mining at the time of ETL

Why Nabler


Analysts skilled in Big Data


Proven use cases for digital marketing across multiple industries


Data governance, process rigor, automation, and optimization


We work with streaming, unstructured, and large volumes of data across Azure, GCP, Apache, and AWS

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