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We have pioneered the art and science of designing powerful dashboards that speak volumes in a brief glance and help you derive deep insights from your data.

With our hand on the pulse of Data Visualization, we are the right partners for all your Business Intelligence solutions in multiple domains.

Great stories for deep insights at a glance

Deliver impactful insights at the right time in the right format so you can save time and deliver timely reports with accurate data.

We offer you a powerful combo of design, engineering, and analytics to deliver highly accurate and insightful dashboards that help you make timely data-centric decisions

With the use of modern BI tools, we build interactive dashboards that are automatically refreshed requiring no manual intervention.

This gives you real time data by scheduling a refresh along with consumption of data and creates dynamism in accommodating any changes in the data module.

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Design And Build Dashboards
Data Visualization tools pushed to their maximum capacity.

We help you make significant improvements to the BI tools by replacing any missing element and enhancing its capabilities to facilitate its optimal utilization.

By building connectors and enriching the tools with built in connectivity we help you connect different datasets from multiple tools to give you a single view to make on-the-fly decisions across multiple channels.

We also customize your BI tools, giving you an option to add a range of features of your choice for enabling you to view your data your way.

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Integrate and Enhance
Seamless migration without compromising the quality of data

By helping you migrate from Excel (if you don’t have a BI tool) or migrating from one tool to another, we help you fulfil all your Business Intelligence requirements

We initiate implementation, maintenance on and customize the migrated tools and can make the transition extremely easy and effective.

With our special expertise, we re-engineer existing reports, redesign the tool and leverage the BI tool with any lacking features.

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Tool Migration
Ensuring the running of the services as expected to save time and costs.

We run a sanity check on all our services and are available for any intervention and troubleshooting required at any stage. For e.g. If any new data sources need to be integrated or whether the console data matches with the visualization data etc.

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Management of Services