Case Studies

Tracking transaction throughput with Adobe SiteCatalyst.

Headquartered in Florida, USA, the client is the largest governing body for sports events. The client has a content-rich website where the visitors can interact, post, and connect to its social platforms.

How our Holistic Approach to Mobile App Tracking Helped the World’s Best-Known FMCG Company Get Integrity and Confidence In Their Data.

They had developed a content app. The app had only been soft launched as a pilot. The client used Mixpanel for in-app marketing and push notifications.

Complete online marketing analytics for a leading Canadian whiskey dealer

Effectively analyze websites and all other online marketing activities like email, social media, and online advertising campaigns.

Bringing together multiple metrics and data sources at one web-based dashboard platform.

The client is one of the leading service providers in the field of video, web, and audio conferencing, with an impressive clientele of approximately 75% of the Fortune 100 companies.

Advanced Google Analytics Implementation for a renowned travel portal

The client owns a popular travel and tourism website based in Canada. The site registers thousands of visitors each day and is successful in generating large volumes of ecommerce revenue through sales of hotel bookings, event tickets, and vacation packages.

Analyzing Content For A Dynamic US-Based News Portal.

The client is a leading American online news portal. Being a news portal, the content is the top priority. The client needed content analysis to gain clarity for the following points:

Google Analytics Tag Validation For The Complete Site Within 14 Days.

One of Nabler’s long-standing clients is a Fortune 500 company in the energy and aviation industry. We received an unusual request from the client to validate Google

ELICIT internal site search tracking with SiteCatalyst.

The client is a US-based Fortune 500 company providing business process and document management solutions.

Redesigning SiteCatalyst implementation for enhanced tracking, testing, and analytics.

The client is an eminent car repair and servicing brand in the United States. The client had implemented Adobe SiteCatalyst but was struggling with the quality and relevancy of data generated through it.

A leading electronics retailer increased Black Friday Revenue By 17% Through Predictive Analytics.

A leading electronics retailer in North America was looking to increase revenue during the high-sale period of Black Friday.

Identifying the mole when Google Analytics data does not match with in-house reporting data.

The Client is one of the leading ecommerce sites in India selling consumer products across several categories.

Reducing category page exit rate by over 50% for an online electronics retailer.

The client was struggling with a significantly high exit rate of over 75% on their top selling webpage product category, i.e., “Speakers”,

A smart web Analytics Implementation Strategy that improved the tool usage rate by 200%

A US-based multi-channel apparel brand was facing the challenge of low usage of its web analytics tool Adobe SiteCatalyst.

Increased revenue by 23% for a US based home furnishing e-store through In-depth conversion audit

At Nabler, we offer a variety of retainer-based engagements to our clients, and one of our most demanding retainer-based engagements by the small and mid-sized retailers and brands is the Conversion Audit of their online businesses.

Augmenting Utilization of Analytics Data Through Sitecatalyst Implementation Audit.

We have often seen that businesses implement top-of-the-line digital analytics tools, but somewhere down the line,

Reducing tag auditing QA efforts by 80% and increasing accuracy through Selenium.

The client is a leading home improvement products provider in the United States, Canada and Mexico with over 1,800 physical stores

Dynamic remarketing for a Boston based apparel retailer

Nabler’s client is a small apparel retailer based in Boston. The client’s e-commerce website was suffering from low conversion rates and average order values.

Google Analytics Audit For A Leading North American University

The client is one of the leading universities of North America, with a presence of over 50 years in the education vertical, across six locations.

Migrating Google Universal Analytics From The Website To Google Tag Manager

The client creates audio, video, and voice technologies that transform entertainment and communications in mobile devices, at the cinema, at home, and at work.

Taking India’s largest online cross-classifieds company towards better measurement with Google Analytics 360.

After a series of remarkable success stories, evaluation, and a lot of documentation, Nabler was successfully chosen as one of the few in India

How the effective use of a User Experience tool helped a well-known American technical university to Optimize Conversion Rate

A well-known American online technical university relies heavily on its marketing website to generate leads.

This is how the effective deployment of GTM enhanced quality lead conversions for a reputed Ed-Tech firm across channels.

The decision makers of the online education website that catered to lacs of individuals and corporate learners, noticed that the conversions from direct channels were higher as compared to all their paid search efforts.

Effectual Campaign Tagging & Quality Analysis from Nabler

The client is one of the most successful Retail Media agencies in the US.The agency works with some of the biggest companies in the US

Enhanced User Navigation with Nabler

The client is a leading global provider of legal, regulatory and business information and
analytics that help customers increase productivity, improve decision-making and outcomes.

Drive better results by understanding customer data