Complete online marketing analytics for a leading Canadian whiskey dealer

The Need

Effectively analyze websites and all other online marketing activities like email, social media, and online advertising campaigns.

About Client

Nabler helped a US-based apparel brand optimize its investment on Adobe SiteCatalyst with a well-investigated re-implementation strategy and user training through our unique Digital Analytics Evangelization Program. This helped all the client’s teams get better and more relevant results and insights from SiteCatalyst, thereby increasing the tool usage and website effectiveness.

The Solution

Utilizing Omniture Analytics, Nabler took care of the entire web analytics process starting from implementation, data collection, data quality check, data cleaning and preparation, report generation and analysis for all online activities. Nabler’s experience with Omniture helped the client understand the data better, as we suggested some latest analytics concepts to the client including:

In-depth email analysis:

We conducted comprehensive email marketing analysis to show which email outperformed others and brought in more traffic to the site.

Email segmentation:

Segmentation concept was introduced so as to compare which email group performed well when compared to studying individual email’s performance.

Conversion funnel:

Conversion funnel was introduced to measure and get a clear picture of social media performance, primarily Facebook.

Social media advertising analysis:

The client had launched few banners on Facebook. We analyzed which of the client’s products outperformed the others. Media partner analysis: We conducted a comparative study of media partners to bring-in an efficient partner that might provide more conversions.

The Benefits

  • All the reports and analysis was done with flawless precision and delivered to client on time.
  • The analysis helped the client gain insights into the most liked features of the brand.
  • Our social media analysis solution and new analytics techniques helped the client understand the users better and tweak the message to generate maximum impact.

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