Conversion Rate Optimization

Increased Website Conversions For You. Here’s How We Do It –

Deep dive analysis create segments that provide focus on the right set of visitors.

Identify key assets on the website to improve user experience through ongoing Website Audits.

Understand the needs of each customer segment and map them to the next best step.

The designs we provide with our Conversion Rate Optimization services are in line with industry standards.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization agency uses Statistical Methods to carry out the entire process.

End-to-end service: Requirement gathering to analysis to test ideation to deploying and post AB test analysis.

Optimization Process

User Testing Research Studies

Our User Testing Research Studies provide learnings, recommended immediate fixes, and research-based test ideas. Find out why, not just what. Learn from real people in your target audience about what to fix now and what to test later.

Our five-step process helps us identify immediate changes to improve your visitor experience and A/B test optimization ideas that are based on learning from your target audience.

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We Give You A Solid Analytics Foundation

We will do a health check on your digital properties through an extensive Conversion Rate Optimization audit to analyze usability, flaws, site issues, and positioning.

We Help You Listen To Your Customer Data

  • We get a proper understanding of your audience with our thorough analysis using demographics, emotional triggers, and user research.
  • We analyze  your funnels, your competitors, and check your website for positioning and leaks. We highlight problem areas in design, content layout, and campaigns to stop your valuable leads from leaving your website frustrated and unsatisfied.

We Formulate Hypothesis Based On Priority

We leverage the visual analytics tools for data driven insights to map out solutions for each problem your site is facing. Our approach includes tackle plans and hypothesis for each issue. We don’t overwhelm the process by trying to handle all the issues simultaneously but, rather, rank our hypothesis through our unique prioritization model instead.

We Give You A Winner

  • We perform data-driven, scientific, hypothesis-backed A/B, multivariate tests to give you specific and reliable outcomes, avoiding presumptuous and imaginary lifts.
  • We let them run for at least two to four weeks, observe the outcome, conduct a post-test analysis and only then determine the sure winner.
  • Check out our Whitepaper on how to increase website conversions by 30% by using multi-segment and session analysis HERE

Key Deliverables

Detailed Report in the form of PPT or PDF that outlines all the insights generated from the Deep Dive Analysis being done to identify testing opportunities.

Designs that are in-line with the industry standards being maintained for modern websites

A file documenting the Test Hypothesis and the details of the test.

Deploy A/B test with zero dependence on your developers and IT team.

Your take away post our consulting

Improved Website Conversions

Measurable results in four to six weeks

Ongoing support from our Consulting Team

Quick Responses to Ad-hoc requests

The tools we work with


The revenue for a US-based home furnishing e-store increased significantly after implementing our detailed Conversion Optimization methodology. Read the case study.

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