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The In depth Conversion Rate Optimization tutorial you must read


Use conversion rate optimization to analyse what your customers want before they lose interest and boost the performance of your website.

Do you like navigating through a boring website? Nobody does. By boring I don’t mean colourless and dull but a site that dishes out what you aren’t looking for. It could be either irrelevant content, a sluggish loading pace, a complicated navigation process in the conversion funnel, a heavy traffic page that is under optimized or an incorrectly positioned CTA. CRO-Conversion Rate Optimization fundamentally means figuring out where your users are getting stuck and changing that. All you need is the right practices and CRO tools to enhance the UX Analytics and elevate your conversion rate.

Why is conversion rate optimization important?

You spend money to pull traffic on your website and nothing can be a better means of ROI than an increased conversion rate.

This is how you save more money when you optimize your conversion rate.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization helps reducing your CPA (Cost per acquisition). In other words, how much you spend on each customer.
  • It helps you maximise your profits, since you aren’t paying more to acquire new customers.
  • More profits mean more money available to spend on funnels that are actually bringing in more valuable customers.
  • And if you bring in more customers, you draw more traffic which means more market domination.

So why not give your existing visitors what they are looking for before they tire out and move on.


However, there is one point to be mindful of in conversion rate optimization. You must focus on the right kind of customers. Because they are ones who actually love and value your product and will spread the word around.

How to calculate conversion rate


Best practices for Conversion Rate Optimization

On your website

  • Call to action- Your CTA actually drives your conversion rate, so it has to be prominent and easy to find. Too many CTA s however can confuse your visitors. Another misconception is to assume that changing the colour of the CTA link helps. If your visitors are not interested in a free consultation, making it red won’t work.
  • Aesthetic appeal- A crucial point to consider in conversion rate optimization is to have the right mix of graphics and text on your website without the unnecessary stuff. It should be visually appealing to the visitors.
  • Usability of your website- Is the navigation simple and smooth? Is the checkout process quick without too many steps? the-in-depth-cro4
  • The trust factor- You need to take all the precautions to ensure the security of your visitors. Third party endorsements and testimonials help tremendously to build the trust factor which in important in Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Search engine optimization- SEO efforts on your website need to be up to date with relevant, accurate keywords and meta data.
  • Get a second opinion- you may never know what’s wrong on your web page if you worked on its design. So, getting another opinion helps.

A/B Testing

A/B testing compares one version of a page to another and it is a crucial step in the Conversion Rate Optimization strategy. Begin with simple tests though or you will never know if it is the prominent CTA or the improved one that did the trick in Conversion Rate Optimization. This is how you analyse the results of an A/B test.


Conversion rate Plan

You can devise a conversion path depending on the action you want your users to take. It’s a step by step flow that helps your visitors to complete theiconversion process.


Apart from the above best practices in conversion rate optimization, we have some amazing yet simple hacks that help in increasing your conversion rate.

  • Check your site speed because a single second delay can affect your conversion rate.
  • Communicate your true purpose without misleading your visitors.
  • Bank on referrals and word of mouth.
  • Offer rewards and incentives. Gamification is also a popular way to engage customers.
  • It’s the mobile age and most of the customers access websites on their cell phones. Hence it is imperative to make your website mobile friendly for easy access.
  • Track your Micro conversions and analyse your user acquisitions accurately for greater macro conversions.

We have yet more information for you if you want to run your Conversion Rate Optimization experiments in the right way. You can access it here.

And we are also curious if you know how behavioural data and unifying customer data can be used to improve your conversion rate. If not, then we suggest you read about it.

The top Conversion Rate Optimization tools

  • A/B Tasty- a France-based testing tool that provides A/B testing, Multivariate testing, as well as content personalization
  • Adobe Analytics- Adobe Analytics is Adobe’s equivalent to Google Analytics and is part of Adobe’s Marketing Suite.
  • Adobe Target- allows you to perform A/B tests and automate website personalization.
  • Crazy Egg- offers heat maps, click maps, scroll maps, and other features to better visualize how users interact with your site.
  • Google Analytics- the most popular analytics tool that is also free.
  • Google Forms- an easy tool to create surveys and other forms.
  • Hotjar- it includes nearly all of the features that a marketer wants, including triggered polls, funnel tracking, session cams, heat maps, and more.
  • Optimizely- again one of the most popular and extensively used tools for Conversion rate optimization.

At Nabler, we understand that different organizations have different needs based on the bandwidth and skillset of their existing resources and webridge the gap. Sometimes, that means serving as a valued consultant. Other times, it means rolling up our sleeves, writing documentation for developers or implementing an entire analytics package ourselves. We provide the level of service that is right for your business. It includes Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics implementation services where we help you explore a wide range of possibilities for Conversion Rate Optimization on your website with the correct implementation of the Conversion Rate Optimization tools. We prepare you for effective analysis that goes beyond key metrics.

With Vendor evaluation we review your existing relationships and provide third party inputs to ensure your vendors’ services and deliverables fit the need of your specific analytics practice. Because we partner with a number of the industry’s leading technology providers, we are able to remain agnostic and make unbiased recommendations.

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Before we sign off, Conversion Rate Optimization is not a target but an ongoing journey. You have all the information you need above to increase your conversion rate with the right Conversion Rate Optimization tools and practices. Optimize your website based on the tips, run A/B Testing and the conversion rate optimization you achieve will pay you back with the ROI and market domination you could never imagine.

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