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Whitepaper Alert- Increase Website Conversions by 30% Using Multi-segment and Session Analysis

Most visitors on your website will leave just after 15 seconds. 8-15 seconds is all you get to make a lasting impression. What are you going to show a visitor so that they stick around for 15 seconds or more? 74% of people are likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult. Not only are you missing out on short-term sales with a difficult buying experience, but also on long-term loyalty and higher LTVs.

Given this fact alone, you presume that brands ought to be taking this seriously, but that’s a wrong guess. 61% of companies still rely on running less than 5 optimization tests a month.

We’ve used our learnings working with enterprise clients to come up with a whitepaper on HOW MULTI-SEGMENT AND SESSION ANALYSIS CAN HELP YOU CONVERT 30% MORE USERS.


The purpose of this paper is to –

  • To find out what makes website conversions low and how can this be avoided? For this, we experimented with the client website with 90% of non-converting pages.
  • How to reduce the number of sessions required to make a conversion? This could vary from website to website, but the crux of the matter is reduced time per conversion and how to achieve it.

This whitepaper will also highlight the segmentation techniques required for running CRO experiments for such cases. A combination of multi-segment and multi-session analysis can do the trick to improve non-converting pages and reduce multi-session conversions. You’ll also get to know-

– Page time analysis: Analysis of the time invested on different pages will help you understand user navigation and create interactive touchpoints accordingly.

– Path analysis: Understanding the user navigation flow will help to create a better customer journey.

– Analysis of Converters and Non-Converters: Studying the behavior exhibited by convertors and applying findings to non-converters.

After you’ve read this whitepaper, you’ll be equipped with the know-how on how multi-segment and session analysis can help you convert more users.

Grab your copy HERE!

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