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Landing Page Optimization: The Immediate Benefits It Can Bring To Your Website

As a website owner, you must have tried your hand at building landing pages for various marketing activities or for specific online needs. Landing pages offer tremendous control over what the visitors see on your website. They provide better content relevance as compared to your website homepage. For instance, you advertise on a paid medium and give a link to your homepage in that ad. The visitors come to your homepage, do not find what they are looking for and bounce. But if you give a link to the landing page that has relevant information only about that topic, then the bounce rate will decrease and visitors might be enticed to move forward.

The process of creating a well-managed page for visitors and enhancing each feature on that page in order to increase the percentage of visitors that complete your desired goal is called Landing Page Optimization. Online advertising that uses landing pages typically sees a conversion rate improvement of at least 25%. Testing and optimization can double this number. (Source: Omniture).

Let us discuss some of the immediate benefits you can achieve through landing page optimization:

Increase conversions

Landing pages are created to convert traffic into a lead, and landing page optimization ensures that every visit, be it through PPC ad campaign, digital marketing, or search engine, has a good chance at conversion. If you wish to gain access to visitor information or pitching a sale, landing page optimization plays a significant role in converting each visit to what you have purposed them to achieve. More conversions lead to more sales and an optimized landing page can help you get more conversions without spending that extra buck on advertising. The only caveat here is that websites must provide the information as promised in the ad. If visitors find what they are looking for then conversion rates will surely see a huge boost.

Improve organic search rankings

Landing pages increase conversions because they enable visitors to take action the way you want them to. And when search engines realize that your visitors are acquiring the information they are seeking, your site is inevitably ranked higher than your competitors. In short, your site is rewarded for being relevant and giving the users the information they are looking for. Website owners should focus on a visitor’s purpose of a website visit and the landing page’s objective for attracting them. The gap can be adeptly filled by reaching out to visitors through excellent content and landing page designs that meet their expectations.

Better ROI of PPC or digital marketing campaigns

The objective of landing page optimization is to create pages that improve engagement with the target audience so that more leads are acquired through paid search. Simply put, landing page optimization leads to more conversions; this increases the ROI of PPC marketing campaigns. Engaging in landing page optimization can give your business a double-pronged edge:

  • More PPC leads: If your campaign landing pages follow the best practices, more of your clicks will lead to conversions.
  • Better quality scores: Well-designed landing pages achieve better quality scores because they meet the searcher’s purpose. Because of this, your website gets a higher quality score which inevitably results in better rankings and reduced expenditure on ads.

In this context, the perks of LPO are better-paid placement, higher click through rates, more space for creativity and testing, and quicker results.

Informed and enhanced analytics

Advertising efforts can be measured efficiently with well-planned landing pages. Tools like Google Analytics and AdSense can evaluate the efficacy of campaigns and their landing pages. Creating campaign reports is a lot simpler when a single page is involved. When someone lands on your homepage, they are given access to so many lanes that it is easy to lose sight of them when they wander off-topic. But tracking the activity of every visitor on the landing page is way easier. Charting the conversion funnel and optimizing it also becomes better.

Target specific keywords

Landing Page Optimization helps target specific keyword phrases in order to drive the desired audience to your page when compared to hundreds of keywords that you optimize your website for. In cases of long keyword phrases that cannot be integrated within your main pages, a targeted landing page can achieve higher organic search ranking for those phrases. These specific keyword phrases are significant to your digital marketing campaign as they can ensure that consumers are able to reach your page with ease.

Increase brand reputation and visibility

Some of the vital aspects that can be incorporated into the landing page are valuable customer testimonials, corporate credentials, professional credentials, success stories, and significant awards, etc. These elements have the potential to convince customers about the reputation of the company and consequently, the kind of customer service they can expect. These can help create a higher credibility for the brand, enhance online reputation, and further foster the trust your customers have for your business.

To conclude

A successful landing page can potentially increase marketing campaign effectiveness, help you evaluate how your strategy compares with the industry, enhance your digital presence, generate more leads, increase sales, optimize your marketing efforts, and increase overall business profitability. So, what’s stopping you? Optimize those landing pages now.

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