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Dynamic remarketing for a Boston based apparel retailer

About Client

Nabler’s client is a small apparel retailer based in Boston. The client’s e-commerce website was suffering from low conversion rates and average order values. Nabler’s team suggested the strategy of Dynamic Remarketing to the client and implemented it to re-target the lost visitors of the website. We created various ad groups and dynamically targeted them with internet ads of the products they had seen on the website along with other relevant products. The client saw a dramatic increase in the conversion rate. 88.5%


Increase in conversions


Increase in return on Ad spends


Reduction of cost per conversion

The Need

Nabler’s client is a small apparel brand based in Boston with approximately 100,000 Unique Visitors per month. The monthly average conversion rate of the website was 1.35% with an average order value of $85. The client was seeing a high bounce rate and cart abandonments and wanted to improve the conversion rates and basket sizes.

Our Approach

Nabler studied the client’s current situation and suggested Dynamic Remarketing as a strategy to boost sales and increase conversions. Google AdWords offers a Dynamic Remarketing solution that enables retailers to remarket to past site visitors with customized ads of products that they had viewed on the website, along with a selection of similar products. These customized ads attract attention of visitors, who had already showed some level of interest, and entice them to go through with the purchase.

Here are the activities that Nabler’s experts did:

  • Created a “Display Network Only” campaign and selected the Remarketing option on the campaign creation page. Google’s Display Network is a group of more than a million websites, videos, and apps where your ads can appear.
  • Linked the client’s existing Merchant Center account to enable Dynamic Remarketing.
  • Placed the dynamic remarketing tag on the client’s website. This new code adds custom parameters that observe the Product ID and Category Pages that visitors see. Then, when future remarketing ads are shown to that visitor as they browse the rest of the internet, those parameters allow the ad to dynamically pull product photos and information from their Merchant Center feed to make the ads the visitor sees more relevant.

Through AdWords we created Text Campaigns and Image Campaigns for two types of visitors:

Active Product Viewers

  • Shopping Cart Abandoners 30 Days: Those visitors who abandoned their shopping cart in the last 30 days.
  • Product Viewers 15 Days: Those visitors who didn’t add the viewed products to the cart in the last 15 days.

Non-Active Product Viewers

  • Buyers 3-60 Days: Those visitors who bought products between 3 and 60 days ago.
  • Non Product Viewers 15 Days: Those visitors who did not visit product pages in the last 15 days.

Results And Lessons Learned

After running Dynamic Remarketing campaigns for three months, we identified the following key trends:

Lesson 1

Maximum increase in conversions of cart abandoners

Shopping Cart Abandoners ad group showed impressive conversion and return-on-ad spend metrics compared to legacy shopping cart abandoners ad groups.

Campaign Conversions Cost per conversion Converson Rate Return on Ad Spend
Legacy Remarketing 245 $9.86 9.75% 323.53%
Dynamic Remarketing 462 $7.34 6.35% 956.11%
Percentage Change 88.57% -25.56% -34.87% 195.52%

Lesson 2

Product viewers convert with lower returns

We were interested in the idea of remarketing to visitors based on which products they viewed, even if they didn’t get to the shopping cart. The product viewer’s ad groups allowed us to specifically target the highest-traffic category of visitors: shoppers who were still in comparison-shopping mode. We found that the product viewer’s ad groups showed much lower conversion rates and return on ad spends than the shopping cart abandoners, as evidenced in the table below:

Ad Group Cost per Converion Conversion Rate Return on Ad Spend
Shopping Cart Abandoners 30 days – Text Ads $7.05 7.00% 879.71%
Shopping Cart Abandoners 30 days – Image Ads $7.23 6.21% 1013.18%
Product Viewer 15 Days – Text Ads $15.13 1.95% 440.95%
Product Viewer 15 Days – Image Ads $16.98 1.49% 298.10%

Lesson 3

Image ads are seen the most

The Image Ad units, i.e., the ads that contained product images, accounted for a majority of the total traffic in the Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns. The image ads consisted of at least 66% of the total impressions and 72% of the total clicks.

Lesson 4

Product non-viewers are not as profitable

Unsurprisingly, we didn’t see much traffic or conversions come from the product-non-viewers campaigns. The pool of buyers and shoppers who haven’t viewed a product in 15 days is significantly smaller than those who actively view items. The non-viewer campaigns had a much higher cost per conversion and lower ROAS.

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