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With our proven proficiency in Analytics, we assure you the best CRO in the business.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization specialists use your data for evaluating and maximizing your website to drive your visitors towards your business goals.

Identify a clear winner for great insights

As an integral part of website conversion optimization, we follow an A/B Testing methodology, which is based on a continuous improvement philosophy which includes identification of test goals, audience research, segmentation and audit of the site taxonomy and information structure.

Our team of certified testing experts assist you throughout your A/B Testing journey to provide actionable insights in planning and executing your A/B Testing strategy such as deciding an optimal sample size, Knowing what to test, how long to test it and finally declaring a winner.

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AB Testing
The power of data driven design to draw unparalleled actionable insights about website users.

For effective Conversion Rate Optimization, we help you collect and offer insights to analyze visitor data as well as site usage pattern using Session Recording along with other optimization tools. Through our qualitative analysis, we pin down the exact pain point faced by your visitors faced during navigation and engagement on your website.

This helps you identify where your users are look for information on webpages, which areas get most interactions and what are your customers’ buying intentions to craft your marketing and development efforts accordingly.

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Session Recording
Excellent UX optimization opportunity

We do a systematic investigation of your users and their preferences to help you design user experience.

With techniques like Tree testing, Card sorting and Session recordings we remove process friction and understand natural paths for users and find relevant information that stops them from converting.

Further by identification of missing features, usability benchmarking journey tracking and comparative analysis we give you valuable insights into what your customers want but cannot find, what they like on your competitor’s website, and where and why they drop off during the user journey.

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UX Research
Tailor your website for each user automatically through machine learning

Our expertise in machine learning has enhanced our capabilities and evolved our regular personalization services to predictive personalization for efficient Conversion Rate Optimization.

We can record the dynamic change in the content coming in from 1st and 3rd party sources to initiate real-time automated segmentation and provide accurate recommendations to predict your customer’s buying intent.

This provides weightage to pages in terms of conversions and customer engagement and keeps the bounce rate under control.

And also helps you simplify as well as shorten your conversion path considerably.

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