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Data Engineering



We provide data engineering services that can deliver universal data framework across all the customer touch-points:
  • Pod structure that offers a combination of skill sets required for a particular project
  • Data engineers who are familiar in the area of marketing analytics
  • Starter sets and pre-configured stubs that reduce your speed/time to market

Challenges We See

Ignoring zero latency

Ignoring zero latency in web apps leading to significant loss of customer experience

lack of skill

Lack of skill set required to keep up with ever evolving technology

lack of expertise

Lack of expertise required to climb up the cloud adoption journey

not able to maximize

Not able to maximize investments in tools

Benefits of Data Engineering


End-to-end work management by single vendor reducing overhead and risks


Partnerships and services delivered across multi-cloud/ making multi-cloud adoption easier


Cost effective process to write script in zero latency


Speed-to-market on analytics implementation on cloud

What we do

What we do
High performance services for data analytics

Data analytics services that can be deployed for high performance requirements like zero latency real-time web apps

data ingestion
Data Ingestion

Ingestion of all types of data and databases onto data warehouses making it easy to make decisions quickly using current and consistent data. Fill up the questionnaire to get an estimate of the required data engineering efforts CLICK HERE

Data pipeline on cloud

High performance data pipelines by automating data validation, ETL, and data combining processes

analytics work management
Analytics workload management

Achieving enterprise-level scalability by managing analytics workloads across on-premise, hybrid, and public cloud infrastructures

Why Nabler

single pod

Single pod for multi-skill and multi-discipline

partnership and certified

Partnerships and Certified engineers in cloud and martech

proven track record

Proven track-record in managing and improving quality of marketing data

reusable connectors

Reusable connectors/experience in connectors across marketing data vendors

Platform Expertise

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