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We gather your data and measure it accurately to help you create maximum value out of it.

An Intelligent system to monitor website performance

Run a complete health check-up of your website, by measuring your website analytics framework, and the outcomes of your marketing & sales activities effectively.

We give you a comprehensive review of the quality of your data, implementation of your tracking codes, and the configuration of all your tools such as Google Analytics Standard and Google Analytics Premium with our Implementation Audit. We also provide a detailed assessment of resources and recommendations in the website architecture report as a schema for your overall implementation process.

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implementation audit
Quick, easy and automated website optimization

Get our robust level of support and maintenance for the success of your website.

We enable third party pixel tracking to trace your user’s journey accurately. Assist you to seamlessly migrate from one Tag Management system to another with fresh Tag Implementation without compromising the pristine quality of your data. And deploy efficient event tracking for clean, insightful individual user action data.

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tag implementation
Data well-handled and understood

As part of Big Data ETL, Nabler provides its customers Big Data discovery capability. During discovery, we help you collect, clean and understand your historical data, as well as, identify underlying valuable patterns. Thus helping you evaluate data’s applicability to deliver actionable insights to your organization. This valuation also allows you to prioritize and process your big data sets and workloads in the cloud.

ETL tools for Big Data include connectors and capabilities to integrate and ingest data from almost all the major big data sources.

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Data Engineering
Window seat to a unified view of customer database

Add and delete data sources easily and make your data a lot more reliable with a centralized data lake.

We can build an architectural framework that will allow you to deploy data both on-premise and on-cloud. Store all kinds of structured and unstructured data (from social media posts to CRM data) in a single shared repository of data. Aggregate different sets of data into a summarized and readable format that can be used for sentiment analysis, opinion mining, and other customer-related outcomes.

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Date Lake
Multiple data sources merged seamlessly for a unified customer view

We help you create a 360 degree view of your customers through a unified customer database by stitching siloed data and managing it at scale.

This helps you build customer profiles that keep you customer focused in terms of engagement and retainment and audience segmentation into actionable insights for sharper cross channel marketing.

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Customer Data Platform