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How to optimize your Campaign Reporting practices at scale

Campaign reporting at scale or optimizing campaign reporting adds value and is crucial for running a successful marketing campaign


You work hard to design marketing campaigns that drive your marketing & sales strategies towards a specific goal. But do these campaigns work hard enough for you?

Manual and fragmented reporting due to discrepancies in data sources and governance along with real time role-based access issues, sabotage your team’s efforts to define the right KPIs for reporting. The end result is a misguided campaign report leading to a non-performing campaign.

An obvious solution to counter this challenge is automation that adds value to your marketing campaign and which any typical off the shelf campaign reporting solution would give you in terms of streamlined workflows, automated platform with less human intervention and flawless data integration, end-to-end campaign performance reporting with centralized reporting platform and custom solutions for advanced customers.

Ideal. But will this always work for you as assumed by the campaign reporting solution? Will you be able to deal with the discrepancies by referring to the training and implementation guides? Probably not.

Because there are unpleasant surprises when you initiate the implementation of Campaign Reporting practices.

  • Changes in data sources.
  • User training taking more time than expected.
  • Manual reporting.
  • Data Visualization not appealing.
  • Unexpected dashboard loading time and data source discrepancies, making it difficult to present live data.
  • Prolonged on-boarding of customers.

We can help you bridge this campaign reporting gap

At Nabler, we have worked as a support system for leading agencies and large businesses, that deal with reporting issues at different levels of the campaign reporting maturity curve. We have helped clients in optimizing campaign reporting practices, creating interactive dashboards capable of pulling data from multiple data sources and facilitating data driven business decisions.

We do this by helping you overcome these key challenges-

Manual Reporting: Which is time consuming for dedicated analysts and often leads to errors.

Multiple Data Sources: When data flowing from multiple sources is difficult to merge and analyse in real time. And the campaign data in silos is unable to provide a complete picture to the marketers..

Multiple stake holders with access: When it is necessary to have a common hosting platform where data can be accessed simultaneously and role-based access needs to ensure that the right person has access to the right data.

Standardizing metrics: Where there is no standard set of KPIs for tracking performance of campaigns with different platforms having different KPIs.

How do we overcome the key challenges for optimizing campaign reporting?

The solution is our cloud based reporting platform driven by AI and advanced BI tools.

We call it the Campaign Enabler.

With Campaign Enabler we follow the best practices for integrating all possible data sources, by providing high quality data visualization with accuracy and speed.

A view of our standard solution architecture.


Here are the key features of the Campaign Enabler:

Standardized dashboard solutions integrated with multiple data sources which can be customized as client requirements:If you are restricted without a centralized interactive display of reports from your dataset, our solution helps build an exclusive reporting system for all datasets through a robust and interactive dashboard which is a functional prototype for your business decisions. Intelligent widgets use the Anomaly Detection algorithm to help build a dash board to handle seasonal patterns and reduce false positives.

For e.g. Dashboard solution customized for a multi-national lens company.

  • Dashboard Set-Up & Management: Campaign data management with aggregation of data across multiple channels and manual reporting of client’s visibility to live campaign dashboards is a challenge. Campaign Enabler reduces inefficiencies through data automation, improving the quality of standard reporting.

    Interactive Dashboards & Infographics:Caters to the individual needs of the client for optimizing campaign reporting.

  • For e.g. Interactive filters to check competitive data or addressing the requirement for visualizing campaign breakdown pertaining to particular ads, or building dashboards that help address the feedback received from a client.

    An interactive dashboard for a media agency.

  • Dedicated Maintenance Support System: Campaign Enabler conducts regular quality checks by retrieval of monitoring data, verifying data source, report and mapping. It facilitates user management through modifying user access and handling user queries and it changes requests/enhancements by modifying existing data streams, calculations, dashboards, business logic and any other ad-hoc requests.
  • Actionable Insights, Real-Time: If you are unable to determine campaign effectiveness due to lack of data-backed insights available for campaign performance and intellectual allocation of media spend across various creative types, this tool can optimize campaign spend by identifying opportunities for improvement in certain low performing creative sizes.

We acknowledge that your business has unique requirements and our team of experts can help you to take it to the next level. Want to know more about optimizing your campaign reporting practices?

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