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Challenges with Traditional Dashboards and Insights

Traditional dashboards, and the insights they provide, often struggle to get accurate and timely answers to the following questions.

Augmented Insights Challenges
  • Traditional dashboards require extensive, manual effort to extract relevant, actionable insights.
  • In traditional dashboards, aggregated intelligence limits actionability to the obvious, macro trends that are prominently featured and accessible.
  • Deep insights are only available in a post campaign deep dive or root cause analysis, which prevents informed mid-flight optimization.
  • Spend oversight is mostly dependent on agency sighting, which make anomalies difficult to detect.

How Augmented Insights Work

Augmented Insights Work

Nabler’s Augmented Insights

Nabler's Augmented Insights
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Contextual Intelligence

Nabler’s adaptive solution allows clients to find key business context and feedback-based re-enforcement to drive a robust, contextual intelligence input to generate augmented insights.

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Machine Learning

ML leverages three pillars: Dynamic Benchmarks and Forecasts, our proprietary Campaign Efficiency Score, and Anomaly Detection. Collectively, these pillars surface key scenarios that need optimization as well as possible solutions.

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Data UX

Nabler’s proprietary Data UX approach allows insights and underlying, relevant trends to surface programmatically, based on the potential business impact.

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Automated Sentences

Our solution generates automated sentences through semantic libraries and business context driven keywords. This reflects criticality, resolution impact, and recommended actions.

Sample – Nabler’s Augmented Insights

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  • Increase marketing spend on Facebook CDNA to improve campaign1 CPVM. It has 15% more CPVM efficiency than 2nd party, with 13% higher viewability.
  • Target more audiences to Youtube Adproduct1. It has higher 25% viewability than Adproduct2.
Nabler's Augmented Insights Icon Low Performance media to stop
  • Youtube Ad1 25% viewability is below minimum threshold
  • Facebook Ad2 CPVM above maximum threshold
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Compared to 2021 Jan week 1, 2021 Jan week 2, Facebook has the highest consecutive week up shift in average spend by 100.0%

Augmented Insight Results

Brands that leverage Nabler’s Augmented Insights see an incremental lift in ROAS to the tune of 20- to 30-percent. They achieve this by:

Augmented Insights Challenges

Brands can see these improvements in real-time — at planning and mid-flight — with 70- to 80-percent less effort.

Real World Examples