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How to change your data story with our 5 interactive dashboards

We are working ceaselessly to make your data work harder for you and let it pay you back in ways you could never imagine with some of the coolest looking dashboards.

We have devised some of the best analytics practices (be it site/app/campaign analysis, attribution, segmentation or predictive analysis) and are creating ripples in data visualization for marketing. Our exceptional data visualization tools transform your data into actionable insights that give your business the boost it needs.

How do we do this?

Our aim is to help you transcend beyond Excel, PowerPoint, and static reporting with powerful dashboards in the palms of your hands. Our dedicated data visualization experts have invested endless hours to design and create stunning interactive dashboards with picture-perfect precision. The vision is for you to have laser-edge insights into your vital metrics and let your data narrate an impactful story.

Do you know of our 5 powerful and interesting dashboards? They make data visualization for marketing a simple yet rewarding experience.

Sea Turtles of the World.

This interactive dashboard is one of the great business dashboard examples of how to portray direct information in an eye-catching manner. The unique approach of this dashboard enables you to navigate by using images of the sea turtle to display information. Polygon mapping is a feature of this sample dashboard that allows you to select portions of the map to filter data accordingly.

IT Operations Dashboard.

This dashboard uses IT operations data to help your department and manager keep track of efficiency and productivity of the sample data visualization. On deeper understanding of the data, we have identified several KPIs as key areas of concern that are crucial for your department’s efficiency.

The interactive dashboard involves a simple yet elegant theme to display data in an aesthetic manner. Insights can be easily drawn on the cases raised by the IT department, IT analysts handling the tickets, case priority and case closure. Categorizing user requests into buckets gives a better overview of the case details.

Sports product Dashboard.

The objective of this sample dashboard as a data visualization tool is to have one single view for multiple data sources – eliminating the need to have different tabs for each section. As in an infographic template, there are many folds to this dashboard that clearly distinguish between the sections to give you more clarity on the story being displayed.

Combining all this data visualization for marketing, helps monitor fluctuations in product supply and revenue across years. Break-up of the data by geography shows the countries having a moderate Profit & Revenue stream as compared to others but also shows its low average sales price. Analysis like this helps understand better which markets to further explore and how to improve their sales.

Game of Thrones dashboard.

Winter is coming with this Westeros themed interactive dashboard! Some exciting format twists make this dashboard a page right out of a story book. Can you imagine a data visualization tool, that displays character wise, assimilated data? It displays information about each character and their survival probability for season 7 of the show. That along with some interesting fan theories, makes this dashboard extremely exciting.

Inquiry Sales View.

We at Nabler, aren’t just vendors but your partners in data visualization for marketing. Try our interactive dashboards, and we assure you of the expertise, that helps you fire away from any vantage point.

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Inquiry dashboards play a vital role in everyday team business. The scatter plot used for the sample data visualization, allows you to set dynamic quadrants. Thus, allowing your managers from different teams to set their own criteria (which may not be standard across other managers) and analyse the performance of the sales team. Some services may need more calls and emails to be sent while others may not. Quadrants to define a minimum criterion can help pin point exactly which sales people are performing high or it can easily highlight the low performers.

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