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Bringing together multiple metrics and data sources in one web-based dashboard platform.

The client is one of the leading service providers in the field of video, web, and audio conferencing, with an impressive clientele of approximately 75% of the Fortune 100 companies. Nabler used its expertise to create a web-based dashboard helping the client to make effective decisions in terms of digital marketing

The Need

The client was using an analytics tool, but the biggest challenge was that the granularity of the data could not be altered. The data was shown in an Excel format for a fixed date range and could compare only a few metrics, thus not allowing a detailed study of the site. This was hampering effective decision making in terms of digital marketing.

The client wanted to create a web-based dashboard solution wherein users can access all the data under one interface and compare among different metrics and sources. This included the integration of both offline and online data sources like ad serving services, web analytics tools, etc.

The Approach

Nabler’s expertise in creating high-quality dashboards enabled the development and maintenance of an interface that was simple, precise, interactive, and helped the client view a wide set of data in one single frame. The technology was based on ASP .NET 4.0 using SQL 2008.

The process can be summarized in three simple steps:

web-based dashboard platform

Key features of the new interface:

web-based dashboard platform
  • Introduction of the TOP NAVIGATION BAR simplified the functionality of the dashboard to suit the need of the client. The users can easily navigate through various scenarios and then query the data.
  • CHECK BOXES enabled viewing desired metrics across field values and date ranges.
  • The tool has an option either to view the graph alone or to view both the graph and its data, via a simple click of the DETAILED TABLE button.
  • COMMENTS can only be added or edited by admin logins for any metric across date ranges. Standard user logins can only view these comments.
  • USER LEVEL ACCESS CONTROL ensures data security by providing privilege access rights to only the ‘Admin’ users.
  • Another salient feature of the tool is to COMPARE A METRIC across different date ranges to aid in better decision making.
web-based dashboard platform

The Benefits

  • All the reports and analysis was done with flawless precision and delivered to the client on time.
  • The analysis and the multiple data view in a single dashboard helped the client gain insights into the most liked features of the brand.
  • Our social media analysis solution and new analytics techniques helped the client understand the users better and tweak the messaging to generate maximum impact.
  • Nabler helped the client obtain accurate stats and correlate the changes in the business strategy with changes in various metrics and sources.
  • Our dedicated in-house experts update and monitor data on a weekly basis to help the client take decisions based on latest data.
  • All this is done at the backend keeping in mind strict data security measures.

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