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Datorama Marketing Intelligence: Make Better Business Decisions

Improved Marketing Intelligence with help from an award-winning Datorama Certified Partner

We Understand What Slows Marketing Decision-Making

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Lack of marketing data integration strategies and marketing data inaccuracies

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Organizational silos

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Too many dashboards and not enough strategic measurement or assigned smart, learning objectives

Datorama Dashboards created by Nabler
  • Many clients have a wealth of marketing data to access, including media, site side, and in-store but, in almost every case, they lack quality marketing intelligence. This data distrust creates indecision. Datorama has developed a series of tools to help marketers rebuild that trust, but what is Datorama? It’s a Marketing Intelligence platform with a combination of flexible data management and visualization capabilities that makes it easier for marketers to onboard, analyze, and act on marketing intelligence across campaigns and channels.

Make Confident Marketing Decisions 

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Salesforce Einstein for AI-driven insights. Get flexibility by quickly combining marketing data from any source, database, or cloud-based platforms. Nabler extends the value of your investment by helping to build custom marketing data models for you or evolve those you’ve already created.  

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Harmonize marketing data into a centralized structure. Automatically classify data into tailored data models to evaluate what’s working and what’s not.

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Highly customizable visualizations and dashboards using Rich Text Widgets

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Cross-platform automation. Instantly share marketing data to turn insights into action.

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Deliver virtually real-time reporting and alerts. Initiate automated, customized reports by connecting to IFFTTT, Slack, or webhooks, and more. 

Award-Winning Datorama Dashboards 

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Datorama Dashboard examples | Nabler

How Datorama Works: Many (Data) Languages into One

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The Most Experienced, Certified Datorama Partner In The Industry

As a tier-one, certified Datorama partner, we have completed hundreds of Datorama implementations across many of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world and we build automated reports and dashboards for advertisers, agencies and publishers, too!


Dashboard pages created. Just Google nabler dashboards or datorama dashboards.


Unique data sources activated for our clients

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With seven years of hard-earned platform experience, and 4 verified Salesforce Marketing champions, we are a certified partner that offers a combination of design, engineering, user experience, and data science to deliver accurate and insightful dashboards that improve your marketing decisions.

Our implementation process increases clients’ confidence in their data strategy, dashboard builds, and ability to act on credible marketing insights. Read the press about Nabler, then have a look at one of our most recent visualization case studies. Try Nabler, and we’ll show you just how far we can push your data. 
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We take on the risks. We are your insurance policy. We ask the right questions to understand your business requirements and the scope of your project. We assign certified project managers to meet your project deadlines and generate the most value out of your Datorama investment.

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Provide you with quality, scalable, and sustainable data solutions built our Salesforce Marketing Champions and certified practitioners

Datorama Consulting Service

We introduce you to our strict data validation process, milestone sign-offs, time and project tracking, change management, and version control for a seamless partnership. Let’s build something exceptional for you today. Contact us for a data assessment

Datorama Consulting Service

Flexible, and competitively priced to support your ad hoc projects or longer-term engagements. Contact our data experience designers to discuss your project needs. You’ll see the difference, download our exceptional visual guide to designing better dashboard experiences. 

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Our US CEO speaks on “Designing with Data,” where he covers practical applications of Datorama’s Unique HTML, CSS and Javascript support. Watch this Datorama Webinar!

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