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Datorama Implementation Support

Datorama Implementation Help from Nabler

Datorama provides exceptional data management capabilities for marketers looking to implement, onboard, visualize, and manage their data.

While Datorama is a powerful data platform, unifying data with any technology can be challenging without strategy, training, talent, and occasional support. As one of Datorama’s oldest and most experienced partners, we offer implementation services to agencies and advertisers.

Best-in-Class Datorama Implementation Support and Help from Nabler Analytics

We are an award-winning, certified implementation partner with seven years of experience using Salesforce Datorama. We have completed more than 400 implementations as of October 2021.

Clients of All Sizes Recommend Nabler

Nabler’s average Datorama customer satisfaction score is 4.88, and we’re Datorama’s first AMER partner to achieve a Navigation Level 2 Specialist. Certified Partners with this status have proven that they have the knowledge and experience to deliver more complex projects in a product or industry vertical, while maintaining high levels of customer success.

There are eight compelling reasons to select Nabler as your next Implementation provider.

Who is Nabler?

Nabler is a Salesforce certified partner in Datorama, Salesforce CDP, Tableau, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud. We provide User Research, Data Science, Data Engineering, and Business Intelligence services to clients in EMEA, APAC and AMER across multiple verticals including, Health and Life Sciences, Automotive, Fintech, SMB, Enterprise, and Agency.

The Nabler Difference

We provide signature visualizations that extend the value of Datorama’s Data Canvas environment through editable JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, to improve your ability to visually communication marketing performance across organizations.

Datorama custom widget creation

Nabler Builds Critical Marketing Performance Views and CMO Level Dashboards

We provide custom-built calculations; define critical KPIs; and manage marketing performance by channel, partner, strategy, region, tactic, and campaign, throughout your data hierarchy.

Nabler creates super templates for clients who wish to see a cross client view of performance

We Are Datorama Certified and Qualified

Our team includes more than 40 certified Datorama professionals, four Salesforce Marketing Champions, and more than 90 Business Intelligence Analysts, ready to assist with any data integration challenge including automating performance insights, at scale. See our Pepsico, Datorama case study.

A Top Five Datorama Implementation Provider You Can Trust

We understand that your data is important, and we believe in client confidentiality, data integrity, and security. Nabler is 27001 certified, licensed, and insured, so you can be confident in what we deliver.

Datorama Implementation Plans: Which Is Right for You?

Quick Start Package: “Keep it Simple”
Description: Nabler implements and provides quality assurance for a limited number of data sources. Your team learns as we work to quickly connect, visualize, and deliver your Datorama solution.

  • Datorama Implementation Services delivered:
    • Nabler provides quality assurance for two API data sources OR a single Total Connect data source.
    • Nabler builds your visuals with Datorama’s native Data Canvas
    • Nabler provides up to two hours of data quality assurance
    • We’ll walk you through the solution and answer any questions, so you feel confident in your investment.

Estimated Project Duration: Two to four weeks to implement

Estimated Project Fee: Typically, $5,000 USD, depending on final use case
Note: This build does NOT include the cost of a Datorama license

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Datorama Training

Description: Up to 10 hours of working sessions that gives clients the confidence to use Datorama and find the insights it offers.

  • Datorama Implementation Services delivered:
    • Initial discovery session
    • Remote training for all clients/stakeholders
    • Immersion in the Datorama ecosystem
    • Marketplace
    • Review core platform use cases
    • Hands-on data integration
    • Effective use of harmonization and classifications
    • Visualization
    • User management
    • Row usage and management
    • Training scope includes five hours of miscellaneous consulting hours

Estimated duration: Approximately one to two weeks. Service can be done remotely.

Estimated Project Fee: Typically, $5,000 USD, depending on final use case
Note: This build does NOT include the cost of a Datorama license.

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Datorama Custom Visualization Services

Description: Provide up to 160 hours of service to review, sketch, wire, mockup, and create custom visualization and data experience designs for existing dashboard development using our award-winning data engineers, front-end, UX and business intelligence professionals.

  • Datorama Implementation Services delivered:
    • Up to 10 hours of initial discovery to review requirements
    • Up to 10 hours of UX Lite Services
    • Up to 40 hours of pre-design/design, which includes no more than three wireframes, six mockups
    • Up to 25 hours of custom CSS on existing dashboards, including no more than three dashboards
    • Up to eight hours of quality assurance
    • Written instructions for maintaining custom CSS and JavaScript
    • Final walkthrough of signature visuals and custom UI

Estimated duration: Approximately four to six weeks to implement your custom visualizations

Estimated Project Fee: Typically, $15,000 to $25,000 depending on final use case, complexity of visuals, and number of templates required.

Note: This build does NOT include the cost of a Datorama license. This service is for existing implementations only.

Datorama Custom Dashboards

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We Are Not Another Dash-Bored Provider

We are here to help you with your Datorama implementation. Contact us and we’ll quickly walk you through our portfolio, delivery process, and credentials. You’ll find us highly responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and a lot fun to work with. When your project is completed, you’ll understand precisely how it was built, and how it can be maintained. We’ll leave you with the written documentation you need to better understand the data model, requirements, calculations, reports, integrations, and technical specifications used to build your final solution. Consider Nabler for your next Datorama implementation.

About Nabler

Founded in 2004, Nabler is an award-winning marketing analytics consultancy. For nearly two decades now, Nabler has helped marketers raise their bottom line through sound, data-driven, in-the-moment insights. We have advised and assisted some of the top 100 global brands, numerous Fortune 500 firms, and four of the five largest media holding companies.

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