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Nabler: A Datorama Salesforce Certification Partner

Nabler is a tier-one, award-winning Salesforce Datorama certified partner in the Americas and Asia Pacific. We have over 70 certified professionals covering CDP, and Tableau, and four 2021 Salesforce Marketing Champions with expertise in Service, Sales and Marketing Cloud. 

What does it mean to be a Datorama Certified Partner?

Partnering with Datorama provides a wealth of opportunities to grow your business and develop your expertise within Salesforce’s data ecosystem. Becoming an Integration Partner also means taking considerable responsibility for understanding client data, available platforms, onboarding, and sales. Certified partners can focus across any number of verticals, drive ACV by upselling peripherals like media cost center or even develop custom data connectors for enterprises, agencies, and publisher business models.

While Nabler achieved Datorama certification in 2019, we have leveraged the platform for seven years, and are considered one of Datorama’s most experienced and innovative integration partners. Download our Datorama visualization guide, “Ten Tips for Designing Better Data Experiences in Datorama”.

Datorama Certification: What does it take to achieve it?

Datorama Certification is a challenging training process in which every official partner must demonstrate mastery of data concepts. To certify, partners must first understand Datorama features and capabilities starting with the identification of different entities and associated attributes. Next, they must build an effective Datorama Data Model and understand advanced Datorama harmonization features. These Harmonization components include understanding parent-child data relationships, data fusion, and custom classification using pattern recognition. A final project is delivered using fully functioning Datorama dashboards highlighting many of the topics previously outlined. Additionally, candidates should be able to demonstrate proficiencies in the use of Media Cost Center, formerly known as Media Transparency Center and utilizing CRM Data within Datorama. This content is subject to change, but at the time of this writing, there were 3 steps to achieving certification, all of which can now be completed, online. You must first complete three online training modules, including Admin training demonstrating platform expertise; basic, intermediate and advance. You should expect to spend 40+ hours to complete this part of the certification. Next, there’s a virtual Bootcamp course which includes an assortment of training videos, hands-on exercises, and a prerequisite exam. You should expect to spend about 45 hours to complete this leg of the certification. Finally, there’s a 3-hour online exam that includes a mix of theoretical and hands-on platform exercises. Answers are in multiple choice form and exam retakes are permitted.

Certified partners require at least one certified Solutions Architect, now designated simply as a Salesforce Accredited Datorama Associate and at least one Datorama certified Project Manager to achieve partner status. Nabler has several of each in every region we operate. You can become a Datorama partner by contacting Salesforce, directly. 

What is a Datorama Solutions Architect?

Solution Architects are responsible for the technical and business delivery design of the Datorama platform. He or she focuses on understanding and explaining the pros, cons, and best practices of data implementation methods within Datorama. They bring extensive experience in data modeling, ETL, and SQL, as well as a broader experience with business intelligence implementations.

What is a Datorama Project Manager?

Project Managers bring significant experience in enterprise software project delivery from discovery to post-deployment. The PMs ensure on-time delivery, communicate with technical leads, interface with clients, and verify those core requirements are met.

For Project Managers, the Datorama certification process requires online training with three modules, a self-paced webinar, and a set of deliverables for final evaluation.

Is there Datorama Certification Help for Non-Partners?

It’s true that most of the certification programs are offered to partners, but a non-partner can take the Datorama Associate exam, too. However, online training materials are only shared with partners and some fees may be applied to partners and non-partners, alike.

In an effort to prepare non-partners wishing to gain a level of mastery in Datorama development, Nabler has created a certification readiness program called Datorama Sherpa, that can be used to ready non-partners for formal testing. Datorama Sherpa was created to support clients who want to confidently maintain and build upon their use of Salesforce Datorama.

Are there Datorama Certification Costs?

Yes, there are modest cost implications to achieve Datorama certification, but the value far outstrips the initial investment. At the time of this writing, partner and non-partners should expect to pay $200 for an initial test and $100 for an exam retake. Check with your account manager as vouchers may be available.

Datorama Certification Readiness

Basic to advanced use cases are covered in our two, and four-day digital boot camps. Some of the topics include building effective data requirements, project discovery, data management principles, designing data narratives, developing custom visuals, and conducting proper user research to build valuable decision frameworks.

Learn about the Datorama certification process by visiting the Salesforce partner community hub and in the future, consider enrolling in one of Nabler’s readiness programs.

Ask Nabler about Datorama certification training and other readiness programs