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What is Datorama?

What is Datorama?

Let’s drop the marketing hyperbole and simply review some of Datorama Salesforce’s capabilities.

Datorama Salesforce is a data platform used to onboard and visualize marketing data. It is easy enough for non-analysts to use, but powerful and familiar enough to aid Business Analysts and Data Scientists, alike.

Datorama is a platform that you can make your own and it can be comfortably used as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with seemingly competitive data management platforms. 

Although it is often confused as a Business Intelligence or Data Visualization tool, Datorama is more accurately defined by its exceptional data management capabilities and remarkable visual communication capabilities.

Datorama’s roots come from the ad technology space, in fact, many of the largest media companies in the U.S. maintain a relationship with Datorama to support client and agency reporting needs. 

Datorama has an impressive set of robust and reliable data connectors as well as easy-to-use retrieval mechanisms for exporting and ingesting data from popular data management platforms such as SAP Hana, AWS, Oracle, Vertica, and SQL server.

What makes Datorama particularly unique for organizations working across the MadTech sector is its highly flexible and customizable support for onboarding ad serving platforms, billing systems, DSPs, audience management tools, site analytics, search, social, audience and even points-of-sale data.

Datorama is a channel and partner agnostic platform that can help marketing organizations:

  1. Build a single, true source for all data, at an enterprise scale
  2. Connect and unify (structured and unstructured) data across data platforms
  3. Draw insights from data and action it through alerts and customizable publishing tools
  4. Take advantage of powerful data integration capabilities and tackle persistent areas such as pacing, goal setting, marrying 1st and 3rd party data platforms, and end of month billing challenges through Salesforce and Datorama Total Connect.
  5. Develop truly signature visualizations supported by D3, High Charts, Chart.js, and other popular JavaScript frameworks. If you can create it in Illustrator or Photoshop, you can most likely recreate it in Datorama. 

Datorama allows advertisers, agencies and publishers to pull data from a myriad of data sources, blend and create custom KPIs, and quickly build informative dashboards to analyze and draw insights from.

Its most impressive feature is the Data Model which becomes evident the first time any data source is onboarded. Datorama supports three general methods of data ingestion:

  • API – supports various native APIs for a wide range of platforms
  • Total Connect – For the data sources that do not have API support, data can be ingested as a flat-file. 
  • Custom Connectors – provides the ability for developers to use scripting languages for building custom API connections

Through Machine Learning Datorama understands an array of common data types and instantly suggests possible relationships among data entities. 

Datorama TotalConnect

Datorama also provides harmonization and data blending capabilities to assist analysts with quickly pairing parent-to-child data relationships, custom classification based on external files, calculation types, or common naming patterns.

Datorama Harmonization

Datorama Salesforce is a formidable data management and visualization platform and Salesforce’s acquisition of Datorama means the future of this platform is bright. This partnership will continue to meet today’s marketing data challenges with progressive tools and technologies and a strong product and engineering roadmap.

As Salesforce continues to apply much needed competitive pressure to a highly fragmented data management and visualization ecosystem, look for Salesforce to continue to pair Tableau’s strong BI capabilities with Datorama’s data management capabilities.

Drive better results by understanding customer data with Datorama