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Issues faced by our customers

A team reshuffle /lack of internal resources impacting the analytics strategy.

Data mismatch between web analytics data and CRM/auto management system.

Conversion and transactional data doesn’t match the actual business performance.

Unable to maximize the value of technology investments.

Not able to attribute marketing spent.

Missing data and not having any framework in place.

Lack of trust on marketing data.

This is how we help

We give you a firm analytics foundation

We check your current implementation against our comprehensive and extensive audit checklist and dig deep for any anomalies. We identify redundant as well as broken tags to ensure there is no data leakage or duplication. Our team uses a combination of automated simulation-based audit and manual scenario-based audit to validate your current implementation. As a result of this step, you will receive a detailed document summary with performing/non-performing factors.

This is what our digital analytics audit does for you

Content Grouping implementation to compare aggregate metrics for similar kinds of content on your site.

Cross channel event tracking implementation to track user behavior accurately to identify drop off points on your digital properties.

Conversion tracking audit to fine tune your campaigns and get more customers.

E-commerce tracking audit to give you a complete picture of your SKU performance to establish the right path for maximum ROI.

Code tracking validation will help you optimize your website for better customer engagement.

Error page identification will help you find the errors that interfere with a seamless user experience.

Contact form check to identify inline errors to improve user data collection and user experience.

Marketing campaigns and channel audit to get better clarity on the performance of your campaigns to increase the visibility of your brand.

Cross-domain tracking audit will help you understand your customer journey across multiple domains of your organization better.

Filtered navigation check will help your website visitors navigate quickly and seamlessly.

Supplemental data variables audit will enable you to segment your customers effectively to target them better.

Report and funnel setup check will help you view your visitor behavior clearly to identify the hurdles in the conversion path.

Administrative settings audit will allow you to maintain a secured, smooth framework for users within the marketing system.

We offer definitive insights

Next, we provide insights into what’s working and what’s not in your overall data analytics scenario. We explain why each finding is important for optimal digital measurement and give you a detailed document of errors, recommended fixes and enhancements that helps your team gain analytics expertise. We also give you a clear prioritization and work estimation for every web analytics audit finding. This creates a blueprint for an overall data analytics management process in future.

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