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Effectual Campaign Tagging & Quality Analysis from Nabler

The client

The client is one of the most successful Retail Media agencies in the US.The agency works with some of the biggest companies in the US which include, one of the largest employers in retail, two of the largest office supplies retailers, one of the largest health care retailing companies and the largest chain department store in the US.

The challenges

  • To ensure quality control for increased data collection for all websites and the ads to be shown across the portfolio for reporting andinsights.
  • To facilitate Data Governance to ensure optimized placement of brand and products on the website.
  • To obtain accurate data to showcase optimal money spending at the right places for best results to the clients.

The need

With an increasing number of clients and revenue, there was a constant need for the company to engage all their clients with an assurance of heavy sales lifts, optimized website placements and spend for best results. Reporting and presenting details to the clients was hindered due to lack of accurate data which wasn’t collected properly or not collected at all.

The opportunity

With our well-defined processes and years of expertise as well as knowledge in the field of Web Analytics, we offered the company the opportunity to set up a QA process for Data Quality, align their tagging practices and optimize their resources.

Our approach

  • Facilitated documentation for Quality Analysis and Tagging Best Practices, native to the Campaign Data business of our client.
  • Setup process and carried out regular Quality Analysis of Events Tracking across various Web Analytics tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, WebTrends and Core Metrics. We also recorded all such Quality Analysis practices and reported for Tracking Issues through a standardized structure. Tagging Files are then uploaded to a server to be used in Dashboards by Analysts for Event name verification.
  • Post Campaign go Live, we also did a Live Data Check within the tool using various Secondary Dimensions to ensure that data was being collected for the events we were generating. Some important ways to look at this is to use Geo based dimensions to understand where data is flowing in from.
  • We added shortened Campaign IDs to tags, collecting page level and event level data to ensure that the analysts required only the Campaign ID to go about searching for their specific data in any report. This made the Campaign IDs a single line of code that could be used to track data across any tool, report and dimensions.
  • Every aspect of tagging was covered with industry best practices. From specifics like following the ‘3 Con 2 Cle’ method, character limits for certain custom variables to the most basics of duplicate tagging and double counting. We were able to ensure that Quality Analysts followed these procedures thoroughly to ensure maximum optimization in the QA process.
  • As an add-on service, we identified the opportunity to reduce time spent per resource by automating the manual task of Quality Analysis. This was done by developing a browser plug-in that enables the analysts to quickly collect tags, thereby reducing time spent by 50%. The tool also allowed us to have a holistic view of the process involved in, thereby improving accuracy.
Effectual Campaign Tagging

With the solution brought forward by us, using an automated tool to collect data, setting up documentation and process for quality analysis and regular checks for campaign tracking on site, we were able to attain highest levels of data quality.

Effectual Campaign Tagging

The client is now able to ensure data quality across all their marketing campaigns and notices added value through the solution brought forward to reduce time spent on process and increased accuracy. They can present their value with data, that is readily accessible and accurate.

Effectual Campaign Tagging

These developments have helped them take the next steps by collecting more data and move into the newer fields of Data Science.


“These guys do some amazing work, which helpsus track lot of changes that keep happening on our website. The team is proactive and a very enthusiastic bunch. Really appreciate the partnership with Nabler.”

Effectual Campaign Tagging

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