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5 Marketing Blindspots Digital Analytics Can Fix

Five Marketing Blind Spots Digital Analytics Can Fix
Five Marketing Blind
Spots Digital Analytics
Can Fix
As a modern marketer, you will be faced with several blind spots that can hinder the success of your strategies.

Beyond helping you measure and track web traffic, Digital Analytics can shed light on these blind spots. This infographic will help you understand five of these weaknesses.
As a marketer, are you satisfied with the results of your attention-grabbing advertisements and persuasive content? Have the digital media channels in your marketing mix proven effective? Consider using digital media data to find answers to these questions.
No doubt, digital media is a powerful marketing strategy that offers useful data to measure the impact of your tactics against the set goals. However, without a deeper analysis of the data, you may not be able to find the elusive answer to why certain actions didn’t happen.
An analysis of online and offline consumer behavior is key to helping you find answers to the following questions:
Who are your customers and where do they come from?

Knowing your customers is the pivotal to understanding the Why of their behavior. Customer analytics offers great insights into their profiles, desires, demands, buying behavior, and preferences.

By making use of these tools, you can better understand customer demographics including where they come from, age groups, genders, and how they arrived at your site, mobile apps, or store.
What do my customers need?

Answering the following questions is an excellent way to being to understand your target market:
Who are your customers?
What products do they buy, and why?
Who do they currently purchase from?
Are you listening to your customers? What are they saying on social media channels?
Do your customers relate to your brand?
Have you given your customers enough choices?
Marketers have lots of data but not enough insights. Analytics can identify what your customers need.
How do my customers perceive my brand?

Knowing how well your customers receive and perceive your brand is another crucial element. Once you have a measure of your brand’s awareness among a target market you can fill in the gaps between the target brand penetration and positioning versus the actual perception.
Surveys are the best tools to gain info about how your customers regard and appreciate your brand.
Modern digital tools “listen” to the opinions and perceptions of people about your brand.
Effective social media usage on online and offline channels can improve how customers perceive your brand.
Who are my competitors and what are they doing?
Digital analytics can help you get the edge over the competition. These tools analyze what customers like, and dislike.

Competition can crop up from places that you never thought. For example, customers in certain geographies prefer to buy from independent labels instead of big brands. It’s only through analytics can you find out who your competitors are and how you can compete successfully.
How can I gauge the impact and effectiveness of my teams?
Digital media helps different departments and teams to connect, share ideas, views, get creative, and offer optimization suggestions that challenge the conventional methods. It becomes imperative for the business to introduce programs that encourage collaboration.
Analytics can aggregate data from different teams to present a coherent picture and generate insights that are unique and practical in real-life scenarios. For instance, you can find out how marketing impacts sales and what changes are needed to improve the interdepartmental performance.
Five Marketing Blind Spots Digital Analytics Can Fix

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