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Is Google 360 a good option for you?

The transition from GA standard to GA 360 is a seamless one, but do the marketing requirements of your company really need this upgrade?


Google analytics opened a Pandora’s box of information about the keyword and visitor behavior on your website, assisting you to track your data more effectively. But as a marketer, are you aware of significant shifts in data movement and analytics? The world of marketing is currently abuzz with statements like ‘marketing data stack integration’. Hence the marketing requirements of many organizations have out grown the functionalities of the standard version provided by google analytics. The need of the hour is deciphering the gamut of dynamic data, third party tool integrations, accurate & insightful reporting and google is swift to respond.

It has introduced Google analytics 360 (also known as Google Analytics premium or GAP) GA 360 has a host of new features, which makes it a hub that allows you to run the ab tests without coding, provides enterprise -level analytics and support, offers integrated solutions with other products and higher limits with data.

But all this customization and integration comes with a price and with it comes the question, ‘Is Google Analytics 360 worth the investment for your enterprise?’

Let us walk you through the comparison between the standard GA and GA 360 features. It will help you understand if upgrading to google analytics premium will work for you and enable you to make an informed decision.


Google Analytics Standard Vs Google Analytics Premium (GAP)

Here is a comparison chart to help you compare these Google Analytics solutions.


Data Processing & Limits


Service Level Agreements


Advertising & Multi-Channel


Social, Mobile & Video


Analysis Tools


We can help you still further to decide about Analytics Premium.

As Certified Google partners, we can help you identify whether Google Analytics 360 is the right fit for your organization or not. We do this by helping you create your digital measurement strategy, customize your implementation and help you gain the insights you need to optimize your marketing efforts.

Our next article is a self help guide that will offer you a deep insight on the prerequisites needed for your organisation to opt for GA 360. We strongly suggest you don’t miss reading it.

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