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Google Analytics Premium – The benefits you probably didn’t know about

Analytics is the science and art of identifying meaningful patterns from data. It can provide invaluable insights that can help a business improve its offerings and excel in its field. If you are unfamiliar with analytics software, it may be a sensible decision to use free analytics. Consider Google’s Standard Universal Analytics (GA Standard) and Google Analytics Premium (GA Premium). The former costs nothing while that latter comes with a steep price tag. The standard Universal Analytics version is great to begin with, but when there’s a need to dive deeper and customize analytics to get exact number crunches, you need to move to Google Analytics Premium.

A state-of-the-art solution like GA Premium offers a set of comprehensive and powerful features that can help your organization rework and optimize its existing processes. This article provides a helpful introduction to Google Analytics Premium and how it can help you improve your business process.

GA Premium and Unsampled Reporting

Google Analytics Premium offers powerful analysis tools that enable you to perform deep custom analysis quickly and effortlessly. To execute these complex functions quickly, GA creates a report – sampled report – based on a sample of visits from that date range. While this reduces the report loading time, it may also reduce the data accuracy. When analyzing critical metrics, sampled reports may not be sufficient. You may require access to Unsampled data in the following instances:

  • High web traffic
  • Better understanding of discrete audience segments
  • Data warehouse integration

To meet business’ specific requirements and resolve the issue of data inaccuracy, GA Premium allows you to download reports in their Unsampled format by clicking on the Export button. You can access almost any report in its Unsampled format in a few clicks. Sampled reports are identified by a yellow bar above the report that informs you about the number of visits that have been incorporated in the report. If your business enjoys a high traffic volume or would simply like to perform in-depth custom analysis, then GA Premium’s Unsampled Reporting could offer tremendous value in terms of advanced analytics.

GA Premium and DoubleClick Digital Marketing

Today’s tech-savvy consumers access a multitude of channels and devices to make a smart and convenient purchase. The DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform enables marketers to connect with their customers at every step in the journey. It is now integrated with GA Premium. Users can enjoy the following benefits:

Greater visibility into the customer’s journey: Simple last-click attribution models do not give much credit to display campaigns as the latter is used in the upper funnel typically. Thanks to the integration, you can now push your DoubleClick campaign data into GA Premium reports. You will then have a better picture of the efficiency of display campaigns in driving site engagement and conversions.

Make informed decisions: As you now have a complete view of your customer’s journey, you can make a better decision on determining your investment allocation for marketing.

Spend more time on the things that matter: The integration with DoubleClick Digital Marketing ensures that you put a little time in merging campaign data and more time in planning and executing successful strategies. Campaign tagging is also much easier as you only need to select a checkbox to ensure that the desired campaign is recognized in GA Premium.

GA Premium and DoubleClick Bid Manager

Google Analytics Premium enables you to create segments based on customer attributes such as frequency, referral source, etc. As a result of integration, your lists can be shared with the DoubleClick Bid Manager platform thereby allowing you to buy display media effectively and efficiently in real-time. The key benefits are:

Audience Lists: Create audience lists through a robust and simple interface. These lists can be based on user attributes, behaviors, etc. You can also use Smart Lists that capture users that may be on the verge of conversion.

Connect with your audience at the precise time: The platform’s audience targeting capabilities combine your first-party data with third party data from various partners. It also offers innovative contextual targeting that helps marketers connect with their target audience at the moment that matters.

Complete integration with DoubleClick Digital Marketing: Seamless integration enables true cross-channel buying and streamlining of workflows and reporting. Most of the work is done as GA Premium is already configured for your site.

GA Premium and Data-Driven Attribution

Only in the rarest of cases does a customer make a purchase in the first interaction itself. What usually happens is that the customer interacts with a variety of mediums and sources before coming to you and making the purchase. You want to know the customer’s complete journey so that you can identify all the elements that contribute to your campaign and quantify their value. Google’s data-driven attribution algorithm can help you accomplish this task.

Based on firm statistics and strong economic principles, the model assigns values to a sequence of marketing touch -points automatically. It works by comparing the conversion probability of a customer in two different situations – the presence of a particular channel (example: display) vs. the absence of the same channel. The model then determines the channel’s relative impact on the conversion probability.

The Data-Driven Attribution model is a useful tool for the following reasons:

Algorithmic: The model allocates credit across all marketing channels automatically. In addition, you can define your business-specific success metrics and the model adapts accordingly.

Transparent: You can learn about the model behavior and how marketing touch-points are assigned values through the Model Explorer.

Support: As a GA Premium customer, the company’s dedicated services and support team are sure to address your concerns satisfactorily.

GA Premium and BigQuery

The field of data analysis has seen a lot of transformation in the last few years. Businesses are now analyzing an increasing amount of data pulled from a variety of sources to improve their decision-making process. BigQuery allows you to perform an interactive analysis of a massive amount of data. Its integration with GA Premium enables data scientists to carry out complex and granular query of their GA Premium data. Some of the benefits you gain from this integration are as follows:

Massive computing power at your disposal: Make use of Google’s unparalleled computing power to obtain business insights from Big Data in seconds instead of hours or days.

No investment: You don’t need to invest in a hardware or software as your analysis takes place in the cloud.

Share and collaborate: Access Control Lists allow you to share your data quickly and securely.

Pay for what you use: You can store as much data as you want and pay only for how much you consume.

Impenetrable security: Google’s multiple layers of security guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

GA Premium and Enterprise Customization

Every user leaves a digital footprint when they interact with your digital properties. By acquiring insight into these digital footprints, you can get a clearer picture of your customers and how you can serve them better. To gain these insights, you will need to customize your analytics platform significantly. GA Premium customization ensures that your organization has relevant data in its hands.

Data Customization: GA Premium provides more than 200 standard dimensions and metrics. Users also get 200 custom dimensions and metrics, which can be used to measure the aspects of your customers or content that matters to your business. You can also import data from external systems like CRMs or digital marketing platforms.

Report Customization: After you customize your analytics as per your business requirement, you will need reports that utilize the new data points. With Custom Reports, you can make reports using a mix of standard and custom dimensions and metrics. This is easily accomplishable through a simple interface that enables you to build a report suite from scratch.

GA Premium and Enterprise Grade Support & SLAs

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Strategy & Implementation
  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • Complimentary 8 hrs. of Business User Training
  • 99.9% collection up-time per month
  • Report interface accessible a minimum 99% of the time
  • Your data processed and accessible with-in 4 hours of collection

To learn more about the tangible and intangible benefits of Google Analytics Premium, contact our GAP Consulting Team.

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