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Advanced Google Analytics Implementation for a renowned travel portal

The Need

The client owns a popular travel and tourism website based in Canada. The site registers thousands of visitors each day and is successful in generating large volumes of ecommerce revenue through sales of hotel bookings, event tickets, and vacation packages.

The client engaged Nabler to:

  • Enable ecommerce tracking for the website
  • Tracking of traffic between various subdomains of the site
  • Defining site goals
  • Creating funnels for each type of purchase such as hotel booking, event tickets, and vacation packages
  • One of the main challenges of this implementation project was that the reservation engine used by the site did not generate unique URLs that were specific to the type of purchase.

About Client

A popular Canadian travel portal was not able to generate vital ecommerce insights. Nabler enabled the client in customizing the Google Analytics implementation to achieve business goals and create useful data visualizations. The client got complete visibility into ecommerce data and thereby enhanced the site to increase conversions and revenue.

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The Solution


In the first phase of the implementation, Nabler provided the client with the guidelines for tracking subdomain traffic and e-commerce transactions. Creation of compulsory profiles and filters was done to successfully validate the implementation.


In the second phase, we altered the tracking code to generate unique virtual Page Views for each type of transaction using the _trackPageview function.

Google Analytics Implementation

We also used the _setCustomVar function to pass Custom Variable values to Google Analytics in order to identify the type of transaction.

Nabler used Virtual Page Views to define the different goals and funnel paths for the site. The ecommerce reports of the Custom Variables provided a quick breakdown of the ecommerce metrics by the type of transaction.

Google Analytics Implementation

The Benefits

  • The client was very satisfied with Nabler’s in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics and the willingness to interact with multiple stakeholders to facilitate smooth implementation of the solution.
  • Detailed documentation was provided to the development team to ensure error-free implementation.
  • We followed a thorough testing process to ensure maximum accuracy and quality.
  • Our tracking solution provided accurate traffic reports for different subdomains.
  • The client got access to ecommerce reports and metrics that were not available earlier.
  • We enabled the client to analyze data by transaction type in the custom variable reports.
  • The client received Goal Conversions and Funnel Visualizations for easier and faster analysis.

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